Paper Lanterns for a light, cheerful decoration

At the wedding, paper lanterns provide creative design options that can be used both for decorating the festive hall and for the garden. There are lanterns, which are illuminated with small, battery-operated bulbs and spread a particularly romantic light when darkness sets in. The light lanterns can easily be hung on thin cords. In the garden they will be attached to bushes and trees, while in the room it is best to attach them to a clothesline that can be stretched from wall to wall. Available in beautiful colors, the lanterns can be chosen so that they can be perfectly integrated into the wedding decoration.

Wedding Paper Lanterns – the perfect companion for the summer wedding

Paper lanterns radiate a happy mood that fits perfectly with a summer wedding. Since they are particularly easy to attach, they are also ideal for decorating the garden. While the lanterns offer a pretty picture with delicate pastel colors at the day’s wedding, they unfold their full charm in the evening when the small lights light up and the ballroom or garden is bathed in a romantic light. When choosing the lanterns you should pay attention to the following details:

– size of the lanterns
– color to match the theme of the wedding
– brightness of the lighting

Paper lanterns are available in various sizes and the images in Internet shops can be deceptive. Therefore, it is advisable to pay close attention to the diameter so that you get the right lanterns for the decoration idea.

Different lighting in paper lanterns

When planning a decoration with lanterns, you are usually particularly looking forward to the beautiful lighting in the evening. Both lanterns with normal battery operation and solar operation are available. It’s a good idea to do a brightness test long before the wedding. This way, you will not be disappointed at the wedding because you have chosen a model with too little light output. They should convey a feeling of a pleasant, cozy atmosphere and therefore the brightness must be adjusted to the location.

Different types of paper lanterns

Just as there are differences in lighting, there are also differences in color and size. There is a wide range for you to choose from, be it in terms of size, color and pattern. There is a variety of bold colors, from pastel colors to printed patterns. The sizes also vary from very small to very large.

Versatile use

Paper lanterns are used in many situations. Some have fastened them in their rooms above the bed, on the box or on the wall. Lamps with a slightly lower brightness are recommended. This makes the atmosphere more cozy. For parties of any kind, be it a garden party, a wedding or a children’s birthday party, they are the absolute eye-catcher! They spread a good mood with their beautiful, cheerful colors and contribute positively to a cheerful mood. Whether indoors or outdoors, they are very useful and can be used in many different ways. These paper lanterns are available everywhere in our online shop.