Wedding Notebook – an important tool for the bride

A successful wedding requires well-planned detailed work, which begins as soon as you make the decision to get married. After the bride has given her lover the yes, she should get a wedding notebook and start recording all the details. In the course of the wedding preparations, several notebooks for the wedding will be used, on which you plan all the work week by week and keep a record of the costs. The first notebook should initially be used to generally decide the style of the wedding and also to set a budget that is available for wedding and honeymoon.

Use the notebook as a wedding planner

In order to complete all details with certainty by the wedding day, it is necessary to create a weekly schedule that is checked regularly and accompanies the bride from week to week. On the Internet you can get an overview of which projects have to be started long before the wedding and which work can still be carried out in the last days before the event. A practical wedding notebook should therefore be equipped with the following features:

– weekly planner
– space for checklists
– plastic bags for business cards
– space for notes and ideas

With such a notebook for the wedding you can work in an organized and orderly manner, so that even the smallest details are not forgotten.

Wedding notebook for groomsmen/maids od honor

As soon as you determine the groomsmen, you also hand over part of the responsibility for the wedding preparations. Certain tasks can be assigned to the groomsmen as desired. Therefore, it is also a good idea to also give the groomsman a wedding notebook in which he can make his planning. This can include wedding games and car decorations or table decorations in the case of the maid of honor. In addition, the groomsmen usually organize the stag and hen parties.

Here you will find useful tips regarding wedding planning to make the wedding really beautiful.