Napkin Rings as decoration for the wedding

After the wedding ceremony, the wedding guests look forward to a solemn wedding dinner. The festive table is the focus of attention. In addition to numerous other decorative items, the napkins for the wedding also occupy an important place on the table and should therefore be carefully selected. When planning a wedding, there are many details to consider.

If you think of the wedding decoration, the napkin rings are not necessarily the first item you think of. Nevertheless, they can be extremely decorative and offer excellent jewelry for the table. If the wedding takes place outdoors, napkin rings are an absolute must. They prevent the napkin from being blown away by the wind. For this reason, you should find out in good time which models of napkin rings are available. You can get the right models for every table:

– elegant metal napkin rings
– rustic napkin rings made of wood
– romantic napkin rings with floral decoration

If you are planning a DIY wedding, there are countless ideas to make the napkin rings yourself from a variety of materials.

Wedding Napkin Rings – homemade – how it works

Romantic napkin rings can be put together from scraps of fabric. First a cuff is sewn, which is then decorated with flowers that are cut from a different fabric. The fabric cuff can also be sewn with colored buttons, which give the napkin holder a cheerful expression. You can also easily make napkin rings out of crepe paper and decorate them with fresh flowers or grasses. Very simple napkin rings can be conjured up with a simple gift ribbon, into which you can incorporate decorations made from sugar figurines. With the origami technique you can also design the most beautiful paper napkin rings. However, it should be noted that these projects take some time, especially when many guests are invited. Therefore, you should start working on time.

Buy Napkin Rings

If you decide to buy the napkin rings for the wedding, you will find the largest selection on wedding portals on the Internet. In this way you can choose napkin rings that fit perfectly with the planned table decoration. You should make sure to order a sufficient amount so that there are napkin rings for every guest even if the guest list expands by a few places at the last minute.

Matching designs for napkin rings

Choosing the right wedding napkin is not as easy as you might think. It must match both the dishes and the rest of the table decorations. For example, if the dishes are plain white, motif napkins in the colors of the wedding can look great. But even a wedding napkin, which reflects the delicate floral pattern of a tableware, never misses its effect.

The most beautiful models include the following:

– noble gold and silver tones
– cloth-like napkins
– floral design
– motif napkins

You can also find single-colored species in many beautiful colors that are particularly easy to insert into table decorations. You should select the napkin rings to go with it.

Here you will find a lot of other useful tips regarding wedding planning, so that your wedding becomes a unique experience that you won’t forget so quickly!