Start preparing the name badges for the wedding in good time

In order to make the wedding preparations as easy as possible, you should, for example, prepare the name tags for the wedding as early as possible. As soon as you have created a provisional guest list, you can start to think about the style and format of the name tags and then start writing the names. With a large guest list, you can also use a few friends to help.

Great Name Tags for the wedding enrich the table decorations

Name tags for the wedding are no longer boring white cards, in which the name of the guest can be read in black block letters. Rather, the name badges are imaginatively integrated into the table decoration and are a little eye-catcher in themselves. The best ideas for name badges include the following:

– a labeled green leaf
– a small picture frame that serves as a giveaway
– a miniature easel
– mini days with sweets, with double function as a gift

If you combine the name cards with the guest gift, you save time and solve the problem of handing over the gift perfectly.

Options for labeling the name tags for the wedding

The most time-consuming task when preparing for the wedding is usually the labeling of the name tags for the wedding. The first thing to consider is whether only first names or first and last names should be on the card. If possible, this should be handled consistently. The lettering can be done with a pen in a color that matches the wedding decoration. Silver and gold are also excellent colors for the lettering, which appear noble and attract attention. It is important to ensure that the colors used for labeling provide a good contrast to the base of the sign, so that the guest can recognize his name from a distance. In this way it is easier to direct the guests to the designated place and the wedding can begin on an orderly lawn.

Name Tags Wedding Ideas:

A cool idea is to make edible name tags for the wedding, you can make muffins and cakes, and write the name on them. Another cool idea is to design a wooden disc with the name, or to design different shapes such as Butterfly, heart and use them as name tags.

Sayings for the perfect Thank You card:

– Now it’s over, it’s done, we’re married, you saw it! There was a lavish party, top favorite for the ‘most beautiful day in life’. We celebrated, danced and laughed, cried with happiness, took beautiful photos. We thank everyone who wanted to make this really great day so beautiful for us and did so with kind words, gifts, surprises and cakes. Often we will surely still think of our dream wedding.

– Thank you very much
Our wedding was fantastic! You have contributed to making this day unforgettable for us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the help and support, the many ideas and surprises, the numerous congratulations and gifts.

– Our day was wonderful.
We would like to thank all of our relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and neighbors for the congratulations, flowers and gifts for our wedding. We were very happy about it.

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