Wedding name cards – nice details for the table

Namenskarten Hochzeit: Das Hochzeitsmahl gehört zu den zentralen Ereignissen auf einer Hochzeitsfeier. Ein The wedding banquet is one of the central events at a wedding party. A festive table contributes to the fact that the guests feel well and enjoy the party. Even weeks before the celebration, it is time to put together a table arrangement in which you place guests with the same interests and topics of conversation together. With tasteful name cards for the wedding one can direct the guests individually their place at the board. The cards and card holders serve as a table decoration at the same time.

Choose name cards to match the decoration

With the large selection of name cards you can choose skillfully, so that this little detail fits perfectly into the table decoration. From elegant, simple flower white to colorful and playful models, everything you need for a wedding table is available. Basically, one distinguishes the following models:

– Positionable maps
– Cards to attach to glasses
– Cards for card holders

You can opt for very simple cards, or choose models that are beautifully decorated with filigree butterflies or hearts and radiate a special charm.

Place cards nicely labeled

If you expect a large number of guests to attend the wedding, it is a good idea to order the name cards as early as possible. According to the guest list, the cards must be provided with beautiful writing with the names of each guest, which is usually time consuming. It is also necessary to decide whether to write only the first name or first and last name on the cards. In any case, one should opt for a uniform regulation and let enough time for it.

Thanks to the place cards, guests will find their place and at the same time enjoy the nice table card. The placement also makes it easier for people to talk to each other. So they talk to people who would not normally speak to them.

Make name cards yourself

Of course, name cards can also be designed by yourself. You can customize the name cards to your taste. It is a very nice idea because it is personal and not bought. If you have a particular color scheme at the wedding, it’s especially nice to use colors that match. A particularly good idea is to design name cards with parentheses. You do not need much, you can choose a shape you want, for example. Heart, and have to draw on a cardboard and cut out. Then pick up a nice clothespin and decorate it arbitrarily, e.g. with a gift ribbon. Another cool idea is to place a place card on napkins. You can design the name card as you like, e.g. a round name card in the color of the decoration, so that of course also adapts. An original idea is to fix your place card with a golden key. This key then serves as a gift. With a beautiful and elegant ribbon you can tie the key to the card. Another positive effect is that your guests have a memento of your wedding.

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