Gifts of money for the wedding

Gifts for a wedding should be a joy and a lasting memory of the wedding day and the donor. Often, however, the choice of such a gift can be quite difficult. Especially when a couple is already living together and their home furnishings are complete, finding a perfect wedding gift is complicated. Of course, there is always the risk of buying the same gift as another guest. In this case, the bride and groom must exchange the gift and cause a number of difficulties. Therefore, a wedding gift can often be the best solution.

Hand over a money gift to the wedding

With a gift of money you can often make the bride and groom the greatest pleasure. Wedding, honeymoon and the establishment of a common household often exhaust the savings of the bride and groom. Of course you would like to present a gift of money in an attractive way, so that a little solemnity is guaranteed. There are many attractive options for this:

– in a wedding card
– in a piggy bank
– in a decorative box
– personalized gift box

In a beautiful packaging also a gel gift looks loving and shows that it was designed wisely. So you can give money and make a pleasure in two ways.

Money Gifts – Connect with games

A very interesting idea for the money gifts for the wedding is to combine them with a wedding game. In this way, the gifts are also used for entertainment and can provide a lot of fun and happiness at the wedding. These include, for example, the popular gift “treasure chest”, in which the money gift is packed in a treasure chest. The chest is wrapped in a chain, which is closed with three locks. The keys to the locks are given to three different guests for safekeeping. The couple must now dance with the guests until they have found the keys and make sure there is plenty of mood on the dance floor.

Gifts of money are in demand

From many bridal couples money gifts are desired for the wedding. After the dreamlike wedding, the honeymoon is about to begin. Whether a new house or new apartment must be set up – with gifts of money you always have the advantage. But if you already know about the planned use before the wedding, then of course it is much easier to find a nice package for the money present for the wedding. If the bridal couple would like to use the money for the honeymoon, one could refer to it in the design of the money gift. Here are some ideas for those who want to hand over the money in a white envelope.

What amount is appropriate for a gift?

A rough guideline that applies to every wedding guest: In any case, give so much that your own costs are covered, which are incurred for yourself. These are usually between 40-150 $ per person for larger celebrations and 35-50 $ for a smaller wedding.

Here are a few guidelines, so you can find out what you should give:

  1. The relationship to the wedding couple: The closer you are related or the more intense you are friends the more you give.
  2. Type of wedding: At a very expensive expensive wedding in a excluisven location with fine food you give of course more.
  3. Cost of your arrival: Are you, for example, arrived from abroad with fliers to the wedding, then the gift can also be lower.
  4. Your financial options: If you are still very young since and Students or even students, you do not have to slaughter your piggy bank for the wedding. If you are wealthy, then you can sometimes give something more, so as not to be called a miser. Anyway, the bridal couple will be grateful for every euro they contribute!

Treasure Chest

If desired, the wooden treasure chest can be engraved with the names of the newlyweds, as well as the wedding date and the heart. Later, the box can be used to store jewelery or other precious little things and reminds you of the most beautiful day for a long time.

Money Box Wedding

With this special money box you can hand over your money gift to the bridal couple in a very special way.

Money hidden in a Piñata

The slightly different treasure hunt! A piñata turns your party into an adventurous experience for all party guests, and is great for handing out cash gifts.

Personalized Champagne Set

A personalized chmapagne is a nice combination of a money gift and a little attention. Here you can determine the look and the label of the label according to your wishes and the money rolled up or as a fan with a bow tied to the neck of the exclusive champagne bottle

Make money gifts yourself

You want to save money? Here are some great ideas on how to creatively hand over your wedding money gift.

Money Gift Box “Travel”

If the money is used for a honeymoon, a gift box with a map and a folded paper ship is the ideal packaging idea. The paper ship brings the upcoming trip to the Braupaar.

Money Gift Box “Just Married”

A gift box with a small car and an attached canned money is the ideal package for a cash gift. In addition, the pendant on the box offers enough space for congratulations.

Customizable wedding box

In a customizable wedding box, the money present can be packaged remarkably. The wedding box is packed after ordering with the words “Our Wedding”, with a photo frame on the box and a small picture album to pull out.

Bridal Showcase

In this lovely frame, there are several small clothespins, where you could hang one or the other bill. A nice money gift with wedding motifs.

Gift Box

In a handmade box with a matching wedding design, you can accommodate the money gift dreamlike. You can pack the box in transparent foil or shoot it with a bow and the money present for the wedding is ready.

Paper boxes “Bride and Groom”

In a handmade box with a matching wedding design, you can accommodate the money gift dreamlike. You can pack the box in transparent foil or shoot it with a bow and the money present for the wedding is ready.

Magic money gift box

In a magical money gift box, the gift of money is safe. The content of the box is visible, but it can only be opened with a hidden mechanism. The gift thus presents the bridal couple an amusing joint challenge.

Playmobil mini bridal couple

The mini bridal couple from Playmobil is a great start to build a small wedding scene. The attachment of solid cardboard and packaging in clear film creates a great gift. The money can be e.g. folded in heart shape or folded as a butterfly to the ground or attached to the bow.

In the shop you will find a large selection of matching items for a successful wedding.