Money Box Wedding for the money gift

Wedding gifts often bring with them a whole series of complications. As a guest one sees oneself in front of the question, what one should give. Since you also like to make a bigger gift for such an occasion, you naturally want the bride and groom to benefit from the wedding gift. But all too often at weddings the same or similar gifts can be found, which have to be exchanged by the bridal couple. Thus, a gift of money is the best solution for all concerned. The gift giving is easy for the guest and the bride and groom can buy what they want or use the money for the honeymoon. With an attractive money box you can also present the gift of money in an elegant way.

Set up Money Box for wedding guests

There are also large cash boxes that can be placed at the wedding party in a well-visible place, so that guests can deposit their money there. In addition you will find many imaginative models that are not only practical, but also look decorative:

– elegantly decorated with a bow
– in retro look
– in the form of a wedding cake
– in the form of a birdcage

At the wedding, every little detail should be lovingly planned and made to look attractive. With such a money box, one also ensures special style when giving the money gifts.

Proverbs for money gifts:

– You bring good mood with you, then the festival is a huge hit.
Should you think of the question:
“What shall we give to the two?”
Do you know what, do not worry,
put us a few euros into the envelope.

– Who thinks he has to give something,
needs about how and what not to think.
Instead of the present, take a small letter
and put us a thaler in.

Advantages of having a money box:

– You do not have to carry around a lot of money, which may even lead to loss of some letters,…
– The box is also a nice decoration when you have a great box.
– After the wedding you can keep your wedding memorabilia in this box.
– The guests see immediately where the money is going in and do not have to spend a lot of time fussing around.

Money box as a wedding game prop

A popular game at the wedding is the treasure troupe game. For this a money box wedding is needed, which should resemble as far as possible a treasure chest. In this box now the money gift for the bridal couple is laid. The money box is wrapped in a chain, which is closed with three padlocks. The keys are given to three different guests for safekeeping. Now the bride and groom have to dance with all the guests until they find all three keys to the chest. The game provides a lot of mood and laughter and ensures that the dance floor fills up.


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