Menu Cards – business card of the wedding menu

You have everything in mind, made months of preparations and styled everything. When it comes to the table, one detail must not be missing: the appropriately designed menu cards, which give the decisive foretaste of the expected wedding meal at every wedding.

Wedding Menu Cards – navigation system for the stomach

As a unique event in life, the wedding table and menu also deserve special attention. Everything is lovingly prepared and coordinated. And when you put together the menu, you not only thought a lot, but – in the best case – also tasted it at the specific host of your party. Under certain circumstances, even the entire menu, which should then be served on the day of the day.

With so much effort before the wedding, it pays to have the festive meal accompanied by menu cards, which enhance the special impression and the importance of the individual guest. They increase the anticipation for the meal and may also let one or the other speech run with the certainty that something delicious is already being created in the kitchen.

Wedding Menu Cards – from subtle to generous

Designing your menu cards for the wedding is not a fixed size. From the single-sided variant in A4 format to the slim variant in the size of a better bookmark, anything is allowed, provided that it fits into the overall picture.

Four-sided copies also look very nice, which you can not put up, but open in front of the individual place setting. Smaller menu cards are particularly appropriate for your wedding if the table itself is very decorative. In this case, a narrow output is advisable, e.g. can be tied with a bow to the champagne glasses provided.

Or homemade – business card of the wedding menu

To complement the rest of the table decoration, menu cards that are completely made by yourself are also a stylish option. Of course, only if you try hard. Personalized items can be created from a few sheets of special paper and with a beautiful handwriting. One or the other of your guests would be happy to take this home as a souvenir of your wedding.

Menu cards for the wedding

Menu cards take a lot of time because they can also be used as a reminder. They not only provide information about the food, but also when a table speaker speaks. There are many choices, you can choose different designs and patterns. Guests will see how much time and effort they have put into the coordinated design and decoration. When guests take their menu card home, they will remember your beautiful wedding. You can choose how you want the menu cards to be, romantic, elegant, vintage or classic – it’s your choice. Of course you can also design your own personalized card. The small details make the whole thing, and give your personal taste. It is a very nice idea to use the design for table cards and invitation cards as well. If you coordinate everything with each other, it will be your perfect wedding.

Saying for the menu card

The table is full, the stomach is empty,
it smells very much of food here.
So everyone eats what they can
just not his neighbor.

Quote for the menu card

No enjoyment is temporary because the impression
that he leaves behind is permanent.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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