Which Men’s Shoes do you wear for the wedding?

For the wedding, the groom dresses in an elegant wedding suit and the men’s shoes should fit perfectly on this occasion. Of course, men’s shoes are far from having as many choices as women’s shoes. Nevertheless, the right style for the men’s shoes to the wedding suit should be chosen wisely. First and foremost, the wedding shoes for men should be simple. In general, the bride will wear fancy shoes and the men’s shoes should provide a discreet frame to do so. Therefore, a simple Oxfors shoe is also best as a men’s shoe for wedding.

Features of the perfect Men’s Shoe for the wedding

Anyone wishing to have a perfect Men’s Shoe for a wedding as a groom should be guided by some basic features that such a shoe should possess:

– black
– matt
– without ornaments

With such a shoe you always look elegant. Shoes like the Half Brogue or Full Brogue should not be used before the wedding altar and fit better on other occasions. Exotic leather or patent leather also seem inappropriate to the simple elegance of the classic wedding suit.

Men’s Shoes for the wedding guests

For the wedding guests, the rules for the clothes and the perfect shoe are of course less strict than for the groom. Thus, a brogue or a derby can be quite an excellent men’s shoe for the wedding guest, as long as he fits the suit. Wedding guests do not necessarily have to choose black men’s shoes. If, for example, a brown shoe fits better in color, then such a model can certainly be given preference. Another aspect in the choice of the shoe is also the convenience. Wedding celebrations are usually time-prolonged occasions during which dances are often held late at night. Therefore, you should feel comfortable in the shoe for several hours, if you want to enjoy the celebration optimally.

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