Men’s hat highlights elegant appearance at the wedding

Hats have largely disappeared from our everyday fashion today. It was unthinkable years ago that a man appeared on a formal matter such as a wedding without a hat, so today the dress rules have become much more casual. Recently, however, many bridal couples wish to return the old tradition of the hat. In some cases, this does not just mean that the groom wears hat or hat. Often it is also noted on the invitation that wearing hats is desired. For many guests in such cases good advice is expensive. However, if you stick to a few rules, the ideal hat for the wedding is quickly found.

Which hat for the wedding?

If one thinks of hats and weddings, cylinders or bowlers usually come to mind first. While the groom almost always chooses such a model, however, there are also less formal hats for the guests, which are just as appropriate for the occasion. This includes:

– the classic men’s hat with a narrow brim
– the trillby
– the Bogart hat

You should choose a high-quality model of hair felts that looks elegant and noble. An advantage of such a hat is that it can later be worn on other occasions. Often weddings take place in summer. At such a wedding, especially when it is celebrated outdoors, you can also choose a straw hat. It can be, for example, a chic Panama hat, with which you almost always positively noticed.

This should be considered when wearing the hat

There are some rules around the hat that you should pay attention to if you want to make a good impression at the wedding. First of all, it is important to choose the hat exactly matching the clothes. Under certain circumstances one can be advised to the men’s outfitters. It should also be noted that gentlemen should take off their hats when entering confined spaces. It is best to leave the hat before the reception at the cloakroom. If you follow these rules, an elegant appearance is certain.

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