Marshmallow – A sweet wedding gift

A nice custom at the wedding is to hand over gifts. These are usually presented at the end of the festival and express the thanks of the hosts to their guests. After all, the successful celebration would not have been possible without the guests. Of course, this is only a minor matter, since in most cases numerous guests are invited. Marshmallows are a nice idea that is well received by most guests. The marshallows can be packaged in pretty containers on a table and already offer an interesting picture. This way every guest feels particularly dear when they finally take their marshmallows home with them at the end of the evening.

Packaging of marshmallows

When it comes to a favor, it’s not just the content that counts, but also the packaging. Therefore, you should also think of a nice packaging idea if you have decided to use marshallows as guest gifts. Some ideas are:

– small glass container with a lid
– heart shaped box
– cellophane bag closed with a gift ribbon

You can also add a gift tag to each packet of marshmallows, on which the name of the guest is noted. In this way, the gift becomes even more personal.

Shopping marshmallows for the wedding

If you want to buy ready-made marshmallows, you can opt for the heart-shaped candy. In red and white color, such march mallows are particularly suitable for weddings. However, if you are skilled in the kitchen, you can also make the marshmallows yourself and in this way give the guests a special gift. The base dough can be prepared according to a recipe that can be found on the Internet. Then you can cut out hearts or other shapes and create extraordinary marshmallows with a personal touch that will delight guests.

Marshmallows: Delicious candy for the wedding

Marshmallows consist of sugar, egg whites, gelling agents and flavoring and coloring agents. Marshmallows are very popular; they are either served for Thanksgiving, are heated on the grill or over a campfire until they melt, and then distorted. The name comes from sweets called foam sugar or bacon. There are many recipes: marshmallow chocolate muffins, marshmallow sandwiches and much more.

Other delicacies for the wedding

You can also order other sweets for the wedding. Chocolate, sweets, gummy bears, lollys everything your heart desires. Another great idea is to buy a chocolate fountain. Chocolate coating works best with chocolate fountains because it has a higher fat content than whole milk chocolate. Almost everyone loves chocolate and is definitely looking forward to something like that at the wedding. In addition, fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, mangoes or even marshmallows and biscuits are just perfect. Popcorn, biscuits, bread rolls and baguettes are also suitable as an accompaniment to the fountain.

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