The perfect Wedding Make Up for the bride

On the day of their wedding, the bride is undisputedly the center of attention. On numerous occasions, everyone present is gazing at the bride. That is why she naturally wants to look as advantageous as possible on her special day. A gorgeous wedding dress and wonderful accessories contribute to a great appearance and the Make Up for the wedding should underline the beauty of the bride in a perfect way. It is particularly important that the make-up is long-lasting. After all, from the wedding ceremony in the church in the morning to photo shoots, wedding dinners and the exuberant dancing pleasure in the evening, the bride wants to be perfectly prepared at all times. Proper foundation can help make up last all day.

The best tips for a perfect Make Up for the wedding

To get a makeup that looks glamorous all day long, there are a few tips to consider:

– use waterproof maskara and eyeliner
– apply primer and let it soak in for about 2 minutes. Then apply foundation
– powder your face thoroughly
– use waterproof soft lip liner for contouring the mouth and fill with long-lasting lipstick
– seal nail polish with top coat

If you follow these simple rules, you only need to make a few adjustments to the make-up during the day.

Make up yourself or have your face painted

Many brides ask themselves whether I should put on my make-up for their wedding or would rather leave the work to a professional. Of course, you also have to get your hair done on the wedding morning, so that the time for the Make Up wedding in the cosmetic studio is quickly running out. If you regularly apply complex make-up and have a lot of experience with the appropriate cosmetic products, it’s best to put on your make-up yourself. However, if you are inexperienced with foundation, mascara and lipstick, you should prefer a professional make-up for this day.

A classic Make Up for the wedding

A classic make-up suits every bride, it gives an irresistible radiance. Brown tones and a soft rosé tone for the lips underline the naturalness again. The first step is to perfect the complexion. The foundation should be distributed from the inside to the outside, so that the whole thing also holds, the makeup should be fixed with a fixing powder. A blush still conjures up a gentle freshness with a natural tone. The eyes and lips should be in focus. The second step is the eyes, they should be emphasized discreetly. The eyeliner makes the eyes bigger, so it should definitely be applied at the wedding. The eye shadow and the highlights make the eye shine again. The third step is the lips, they can be framed with a natural lip liner and then filled in with a longlasting lipstick. So that the make-up lasts all day, I recommend applying a fixing spray.

The most common mistakes in Make Up:

– Bad light when applying makeup
– They used a dark foundation that did not match their color
– You use too much foundation
– They paint over their lips too much
– The eyelashes are glued
– You are applying your concealer incorrectly
– Forget your neck when applying makeup
– Use too much bronzer

Here you will find useful tips regarding wedding planning to make the wedding a very special day!