Luminarias for wedding decorations

Luminarias are beautiful, romantic lighting fixtures that give a special flair to wedding decorations. These are special bags with punched patterns, in which candles or tea lights are placed. The light from the candles shines particularly softly through the bags and reflects the patterns on the bag. This creates an atmospheric ambience that can hardly be surpassed by stylish romance. Luminaria enchants the wedding guests and turns the festival into an event that will be talked about for a long time.

Versatile use of Luminaria

The decoration ideas that can be done with Luminaria are endless. If there are stairs at the wedding location, for example, the Luminaria can be set up wonderfully on the steps. They provide light so that you can go up and down the stairs and at the same time look very attractive. The Luminaria can also be used as table decorations or arranged in small groups on side tables. The Luminaria are also wonderful for decorating a garden wedding. They immerse the garden in a bewitching light after dark. The bag also protects the tealight from the wind, so that reliable lighting is achieved.

Buy luminaria or handicrafts

For all those who like to tinker, making the Luminaria is a particularly creative job that can be done weeks before the wedding as part of the wedding preparations. You can let your imagination run wild with the motifs that are cut into the bag. Heart motifs go well with the wedding. But the following also look fantastic:

– starry sky
– geometric pattern from dots
– intertwined rings
– roses

Care should be taken to use bags made of flame retardant paper to avoid accidents at the wedding. The Luminaria are also commercially available and are usually available in packs of ten. These bags also have a large selection of different motifs and you can buy the Luminaria in different sizes.

Luminarias: a highlight for the wedding

Luminarias are a highlight for weddings, birthdays, summer parties, events and trade fairs, company events and christenings. There are small, medium and large light bags. Different patterns make the whole thing so special. They are made from flame-retardant paper and by hand. A highlight for everyone. The product creates an individual and beautiful decoration everywhere. Simply insert a candle and create an atmospheric atmosphere. When it is dark, the light pattern just looks beautiful. Different colors and special patterns create a great atmosphere. Luminarias can withstand small showers and can be used again and again. Luminarias are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The light bags are of very high quality and quality. The products are available in a flower pattern, in a heart pattern, in a star pattern, even without a pattern and even with sayings printed on them. You can also use it as a decoration at home, just place it on the windowsill or on the side table. A warm light appears and conjures up a romantic flickering light flair in the room.

Where do the light bags come from?

– light bags come from Spain
– the exact place of production is from Calpe
– calpe is known for great beaches and the fish market
– the fireproof, coated paper was specially designed for decorative bags

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