Gift ideas for the Linen Wedding

The Linen Wedding is celebrated after four years of marriage. By this time, the marriage had already consolidated and, like the linen or silk, is already quite hard-wearing. But just like the noble fabric, the relationship is still fragile and must be carefully maintained so that it remains as beautiful as on the first day. Many couples celebrate the day with a romantic dinner for two, while other couples like to share their special day with friends and relatives and organize a small party.

How best to celebrate the Linen Wedding

The Linen Wedding, like any other wedding anniversary, can be celebrated in many different ways. Many married couples prefer to spend their wedding day alone in intimate togetherness. A visit to a noble restaurant is a good idea. But you can also spend the whole day together. The day often starts with a brunch. In the afternoon you can experience something together and in the evening you can insert a visit to the theater or cinema before going out to eat.

The wedding anniversary can also be celebrated very differently, namely with friends and family. You can invite your loved ones to your home and celebrate your four-year marriage together.

What do you bring with you to the Linen Wedding?

If you are invited to celebrate the wedding day, you should bring a small gift to express the couple’s appreciation. Since it is not a big wedding day, one little thing is sufficient. When choosing the gift, one can use the motto of the wedding day: linen or silk. Various pretty gift ideas can be found from this material, which can be enjoyed:

– a bouquet of silk flowers
– a silk pillow printed with the names of the spouses
– monogram silk napkins

With such a nice surprise, you can make the couple happy and also contribute a little to the decoration of the home. So the couple still thinks often of the donor of the gift.

Gifts for the wife and husband

On the fourth wedding anniversary, the marriage is still young and the husband in love finds a series of delightful linen or silk gifts for his wife. A silk negligee or silk underwear are intimate gifts that are fun to choose from and that are sure to arouse enthusiasm among the young wife. Of course, a beautiful silk scarf or a silk blouse are among the gifts that delight every woman. You can buy a silk tie for the husband or find extravagant silk boxers. A meal together in a romantic restaurant is a nice way to end the wedding day if you want to celebrate as a couple.

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