A great decoration idea – Lightbox for the wedding

For your own wedding you are always looking for very special decoration ideas with which you can make the wedding a little different. Interesting decorations that attract guests’ attention at first glance are often not so easy to find. A decorative item that is guaranteed to have an impact is the lightbox for the wedding. Such a lightbox resembles a neon sign of a cinema and provides glamor for the wedding decoration. Whether illuminated or switched off, the lightbox is an eye-catcher that guests will talk about after the wedding.

This is how the Lightbox works for the wedding

A lightbox is available in different sizes so that you can choose the right model for the desired decoration. Some lightboxes have a magnetic back wall and can therefore be attached to metal surfaces very easily. Most lightboxes are equipped with a power supply, but can also be operated with batteries if there is no socket at the desired location. The batteries are usually not included in the scope of delivery. Therefore, you should determine the required size and number of batteries before the wedding and also have spare batteries on hand.When buying the lightbox you should also pay attention to the symbols and letters included in the delivery. Some lightboxes only include 26 letters, while others contain 90 letters and symbols.

Cheeky sayings for the lightbox

It is always advisable to choose a lightbox with the largest possible range of letters. In this way you can design many different letterings. The most chosen labels at the wedding include:

– Name of the bride and groom
– Just Married
– You are my Sunshine
– True love

Lightboxes at the wedding are also used as signs. For example, labels such as “Candy Bar” or “Cake buffet” can be designed.

The lightbox for the wedding: a highlight

The lightbox is a great idea for the wedding, whether it is used in the dark or in the light. You can design your own word with the letters of the lightbox. It is cheap and simply flexible. It will be an eye-catcher at the wedding, as the names of the newlyweds and the wedding date can also be presented. The lightbox is currently very popular and is always popular. The lightbox is not only popular for weddings, it is also often used for parties and receptions. It can also be used as a normal living room decoration, it never hurts to have an eye-catcher in the room. It is also great as a decorative element in the children’s room or as a bedside lamp. There are many different colors, so a lot of choices. The lightbox can be used again and again, which is why it is very practical.

Here are five more cool sayings for the lightbox:

  • Magic happens
  • Live love laugh
  • Lets rock this day
  • You make me smile
  • home sweet home

Make lightbox yourself at home

If you want to design the lightbox yourself, bring a template of 3.4 cm * 6.4 cm for the individual motifs and for the line motifs 29.5 cm * 6.4 cm. Then you need a film and an Edding paint marker to create individual motifs. It is easy to imitate and a very great idea that can be decorated again and again.

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