Wedding Light Bags – an attraction at the celebration

Light bags provide a highlight at the wedding that creates a warm, romantic atmosphere. The light bags are made of non-flammable paper and are decorated on the outside with motifs that match the wedding. As a rule, they can be used both outdoors and indoors. A tealight is placed in the light bag so that the delicate paper creates a particularly beautiful glow. If you want to use the light bags for an outdoor wedding, it is advisable to place them in a glass in the bag or to weigh down the bag in another way so that it cannot be blown over by a gust of wind.

Possible uses of light bags for weddings

Wedding light bags are a wonderful decoration idea that can be used in many ways. Light bags are available in different sizes and can therefore also be used in different ways:

– as a table decoration
– on the buffet
– as romantic garden lighting

If you order a larger number of light bags, you can also have them personalized in front of the manufacturer. Heart motifs, the names of the bridal couple or two intertwined wedding rings are just a few of the ideas you can have punched into the pretty bags. This creates beautiful lighting that can hardly be surpassed in tasteful romance.

Make light bags yourself

If you have time and a little skill, you can also make the light bags at the wedding out of fireproof paper. The advantage is that you can attach a whole range of different motifs and the size of the bags can be adapted to your own needs. The edges can be decorated with mandalas or napkin technique and pretty punching motifs can be attached to the body of the bags. It is a nice idea, for example, to make a bag with the name for each guest, which also serves as a place card on the board. Guests can also take the light bags with them and use them later at home.

Light bags: a tradition

Light bags have a very long tradition in Mexico. Tealight bags, also called candle bags, are perfect for the next celebration. Candle bags can be used again and again, and can be used outdoors and indoors. Light bags can be beautifully decorated and designed. It is not only a highlight for weddings but also for a romantic evening with your partner. Sizes and shapes can be completely determined how you want. Light bags create a special atmosphere and immediately give friends and well-being.

There are different patterns for light bags:

– a heart
– little hearts
– butterflies
– wedding doves
– leaves

The security

Of course, safety comes first. The tealights must be placed in a glass so that the flames do not come into contact with the paper.

Decorate with light bags

Children can also help and let their imaginations run wild. Painting light bags is not a problem at all. It does not have to have a specific pattern but can be designed individually. For Christmas, for the birthday, for exuberant summer parties and corporate events, it is also a very nice idea, and you can choose cool motifs for every occasion. For example, a motif with a snowman would be suitable for Christmas. The money doesn’t matter because it’s very cheap. A wonderful decoration for weddings and always an eye-catcher.

Colorful light bags

Colorful light bags give a certain color accent and are not so boring. If you want a special decoration it is perfect. A pleasant atmosphere and an unforgettable evening can be created in every room. The operation is also very simple, simply unfold the light bags and insert a tea light. To protect the light bag from the wind, a little sand should be poured into the light bag.

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