Practical letterboxes / piggy banks for the wedding

If you are planning a wedding, it is important to consider a lot of little things. These include, for example, the greeting cards you receive from the guests. At a large wedding with many guests, it is inconvenient to hold all these cards and letters in your hand. With the beautiful models of letterboxes / piggy banks for wedding you can solve this problem easily, as they provide a perfect place where you can drop his congratulatory message stylishly. The boxes are so nicely designed that they also serve as a wedding decoration.

Letterbox for the wedding – Beautiful Designs

The letterboxes / piggy banks can be placed on a table, for example, where the wedding gifts are stored, so that guests can deposit their cards and letters there themselves.

You can choose such boxes in many different versions, so that they fit perfectly with the decoration. The choices include:

– boxes with insertion slot above
– boxes with lids
– In the form of bird cages

Such a box can be placed well on any table. After the wedding, it is a pleasure to open the letterbox and read the good wishes on the cards.

Perfect solution for money gifts

Many bridal couples have their household already complete and prefer gifts of money. If you place letter boxes / piggy banks in a clearly visible position and, if possible, add a written note, guests will easily be able to deposit an envelope with money or with a check.

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