An original gift for a Leather Wedding

Many couples like to celebrate all wedding days. The leather wedding is celebrated on the third anniversary. The relationship has consolidated and is now tough as leather. It depends on the taste of the couple whether the day is celebrated in intimate togetherness or should be celebrated with joy and family. Of course, the third wedding anniversary is far from being a big family celebration, but a happy get-together is definitely appropriate if you want to celebrate your love. When it comes to gifts for the third wedding anniversary, the name becomes the motto. If you want to pay a little attention to the couple, you should look for useful or decorative items for leather and you will definitely find just the right thing to make the couple happy.

Leather Wedding Gift – The most beautiful gift ideas made of leather

If you want to bring a small gift to friends on your third wedding anniversary, it does not have to be a valuable gift. With a little something you can express that you appreciate the couple and that they wish all the best on their future life together. The best ideas include:

– leather coaster
– leather key rings for him and her
– leather picture frame with the wedding photo

Such items are always in demand and conjure a smile on the faces of the newlyweds.

Gifts for the spouse

Of course you want to give your spouse a treat on the wedding day and choose a particularly nice gift. Leather also offers a wide range of options. For example, you can buy a chic leather bag for the wife. If you want to buy jewelry for your wedding day, you can pack it in a leather box. On a smaller budget, you can also make yourself happy with a pretty leather phone case. A wallet is suitable for the husband, on which one can also have a monogram affixed. Another good idea is a leather flask that you can fill with your favorite drink. If you want to give your partner a special surprise at the leather wedding, buy a leather travel bag and hand it over together with tickets for a weekend getaway together. The wedding day could hardly be more romantic.

Leather Wedding Tradition

If you should decide to celebrate, you should choose a rustic decoration with leather elements e.g. Lederherzchen. Leather weddings have nothing to do with lacquer and leather, they are more about genuine leather such as nappa leather or suede. A leather picture frame, a bag or leather jewelry would be a suitable gift. Leather products with an individual engraving are particularly beautiful.

Possible gifts for the jubilant couple:

– leather handbag
– leather wallet
– cool leather jacket
– leather bracelet

Sayings for the Leather Wedding

Not a trace of marital indifference
Congratulations on the leather wedding.

Your marriage is on the right track
the third wedding anniversary is the best proof.

Your love is beautiful to look at
where two of the same step go.

You both immerse yourself in give and take
the third wedding anniversary can no longer be taken from you.

If you learn to be there for each other,
the third wedding day sets in quickly.

Your marriage has not lost momentum yet
still shines like two reflectors.

Your marriage speaks the language of trust
and happy looking forward.

Leather Wedding poems

It’s been three years today:
Cheers to our jubilant couple!
You went through thick and thin
Intercepted disputes
Laughed and cried
And you are still faithfully united!
You have learned to understand each other.
You mastered it confidently!
I liked to write it on every wall:
Your marriage will last!
Because everyone knows that by now:
Your covenant is tough as leather!
It’s been three years today!
Congratulations, dear cheering couple!