Lanterns at the wedding care for romance

From the open flame of a candle always a very special romance, which creates a wonderful atmosphere for a wedding. That is why candles are often used as decorative elements and delight the guests again and again. Wind lanterns at the wedding are very well suited to this because the flame is protected against drafts and permanently burns. The lanterns can be used both in the room and outside and thus give the celebration a special charm.

Select the most beautiful Lanterns for the wedding

Lanterns are available in many different versions and can therefore also be used for a whole range of decorating ideas. In the trade one finds:

– place card lanterns
– menu card lanterns
– lanterns with the name of the bride and groom

The table cards lanterns are very popular. They are available with name printing, so that each guest has their own lantern. Not only do they serve to direct the guest’s place on the blackboard, they are also a nice favor that the visitor can take home. So give away small memorabilia to the wedding. The lit lanterns make the names on soft glass shimmer wonderful and contribute to a successful table design. It is also possible to have the menu card printed on lanterns. These are usually preferred higher models than the name lights, so that the label can be mounted large enough.

Lanterns for the wedding – decoration options

Lanterns for the wedding provide mood and can be used differently. For example, stairs can be wonderfully decorated with lanterns. You can also set up a table with lanterns in different sizes or use lanterns on the cake buffet or the candy bar as decoration objects. I soft shimmer looks fascinating everywhere and creates wedding atmosphere. Therefore, you should consider this inexpensive decoration option once for your own wedding.

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