An elegant ladies watch for the wedding

Even though the flow of a wedding party is relaxed and sovereign, it all comes down to a strict schedule for the bride. From makeup and hairdressing in the morning to the use of music for dancing for the bride and groom, every event is usually scheduled for the minute. Therefore, it is also important for a bride to wear a ladies’ watch to the wedding to check the maintenance of the schedule again and again unobtrusive. However, it is important to choose a model for the wedding that matches the elegance of the wedding dress and the other jewelry worn on that day.

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So you choose the right ladies watch for the wedding

A ladies’ watch is wonderfully suited to emphasize individual style and elegance. While fashion tends today to have large watches, the watch worn for bridal gowns should be small and elegant. An evening watch is perfect for this purpose. In addition, it is important that the watch forms a harmonious whole with the remaining bridal jewelry such as bracelet, necklace and hair accessories. If the bridal jewelry is in silver, a clock in this color should also be chosen. If, on the other hand, gold is given preference, it is advisable to also wear a gold watch.

The clock as a gift for the bride

If the bride’s groom wants to make a precious gift for the bride, then a watch is perfect for that. If the clock is to be worn at the wedding, then of course it is necessary to adhere to the style requirements. If one decides for a good brand watch, then one can give such a gift an incomparable memento on the wedding day, that the bride can carry over many years out every day on the arm.

To complete your outfit, a beautiful and elegant watch is perfect. Many watches have matching arm chains which only embellish the overall picture. A small unobtrusive thing will be of great help to you. Not to lose track on this important day, a small clock is responsible. It depends very much on what type of woman you are, rather the jewelry freak or just the simple lady.

A few well-known watch brands:

  • Armani Exchange
  • Baume-Mercier
  • Boss Hugo Boss
  • Calvin Klein
  • Caravelle
  • Casio
  • Cluse
  • Daniel Wellington
  • Diesel
  • DKNY
  • Michael Kors