A chic lady’s hat for the wedding

Currently ladies hats are announced for the wedding and especially at church weddings you can wear as a guest hat. At festive, traditional weddings, it is customary to wear a hat that accentuates the celebratory character of the event. Today, old traditions often flow into new fashion trends. Just a few decades ago, it was hardly conceivable that a woman would leave the house without a hat. At weddings, these old customs are now alive again. Of course, a hat is quite unusual for many modern women. But you should take the fashion courage for the wedding ceremony and decide to wear a hat.

Rules to wear from the hat

If you decide to wear a hat at a wedding, there is a certain etiquette that should be followed.

These include the following rules:

– The color white is reserved for the bride
– The hat should not be chosen in the color of the bride’s hat
– Outside the church, the hat is not worn in premises

There are also certain moments when the hat is removed. Mostly it is filed after the wedding photos before the reception. However, if you want to be sure you are acting right, follow the example of the mother and then take the hat off when it does.

Buy the right hat

If you have little experience with hats, you should inform yourself on wedding portals about which hat fashion ladies wear today for weddings. You will notice that there are no fixed rules regarding the style of the hat. You can prefer a little hat, or even wear a big, wide-brimmed hat. However, the hat should be chosen to match the dress you will wear at the wedding. In the hat salon, you can also get advice on which hat fits best to the face shape to achieve an optimal look.

You must pay attention to the ladies hats

No matter how nice the hat may be, if it does not match the wedding dress, you can unfortunately forget it. Either he has to match the dress or the shoes. Another way would be to match it with the bag, so you could easily solve the problem. A bag can be found quickly, but finding the right shoes usually takes a bit more effort and time. If you take the hat off, you should definitely check your hairstyle in the mirror, so that nothing slips. Especially in England, hut are still worn and are even in vogue. You can always see on the heads of the Royal Family. Hats can also be used as a fun item.

Design of the hat

If your hat is too plain, but you like the color in principle, that’s no problem. Decorate it simply with a flower or beads. Here you can let off steam, it is only important that it looks good. Maybe only a loop is enough. Try it a bit. If you can not think of anything, it is always good to ask and get help.

Hats are special accessories and therefore you should think twice about which hat fits your head best and matches your head shape.

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