Surprises for everyone who is Just Married

So you thought you were walking straight from the registry office or church to happiness? Well, hopefully in this case you did the calculation WITHOUT your friends. Because they may have thought up one or two marriage rehearsals for the starting day …

Buy the way

A wedding custom still common, especially in rural areas, is to make it difficult for the bride and groom to leave the church with ribbons or cords. However, if the groom has wisely pocketed some small change, this obstacle can usually be removed very quickly.

The wedding trellis

If it is not the volunteer fire brigade or a rifle company, be careful: because if there are friends and acquaintances who stand for you after the wedding ceremony, it will be a test in which the freshly baked couple should be tried to simply walk through to hinder the ability to overcome future stumbling blocks in marriage.

Classic and ok

The most likely and most welcome “just married” is best placed by friends and those who want to stay on the car of the bride and groom. A nice lettering, a few cans on the rear bumper – and you can go with a clunk to the big party or on your honeymoon.

Very, very bad

A custom that is particularly popular with particularly “creative” friends of the bride and groom is to mess up the marriage chamber.

So if you don’t want to be busy half your wedding night trying to shovel at least the most important ways – or even reassemble your bed – you should book a nice hotel room for security. And don’t tell his dear friends about it!

By the way, some friendships have broken on this ultimate of all wedding customs. So, please: If it has to be, then with a sense of proportion!

The most famous and popular games

Marriage quiz, questions asked can be:

– Who cooks better?
– Who is jealous?
– Who is more romantic?
– Who can park better?
– Who wants to have more children?
– Who will get up at night and take care of the baby?
– How well do the bride and groom know each other?

You absolutely need a fun wedding game with which you can really set the mood. After all, everyone should be happy and in a good mood on their most beautiful day of life.

Individual work or team work?

This is an important question to ask yourself when looking for the right wedding games. Basically, those are preferred where teamwork is popular because it is simply more fun and brings everyone closer again. It also breaks the ice between guests who don’t know each other yet. But there is nothing to be said against “individual work”. These would be wedding games in which everyone has to do something, but in the end a big picture comes out.

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