Shipping tasteful invitation cards to the wedding

When the final guest list is ready, you can start writing wedding invitations. The invitations should be sent as early as possible and arrive at the recipient at the latest six weeks before the wedding date. So the invited guests have time to mark the wedding in their diary and also to send a response. The design of the invitation card is particularly important as it represents the first impression guests receive from the wedding. It should match the colors of the wedding and reflect the character of the event.

Important points for the invitation

The invitation cards for the wedding are mainly informative in nature and should therefore be clearly arranged. The information to be included on the invitation card includes the following items:

– Names of the bride and groom
– Day and time of the wedding
– Location of wedding ceremony and celebration
– Appointment for reply

If necessary, you can also make a note about the gift and also point out the desired clothing. This information is usually listed at the bottom of the map. In many cases, the bride has chosen a wedding saying. If this is the case then this belongs to the upper part of the invitation card. As a rule, the invitation cards are printed with the text. The name of the guest and the signature should, however, be written by hand on the card to achieve a personal character.

Pocketfolds for extensive information

Often you would like to send other information along with the invitation, such as a location description of the wedding location or a travel plan. Such details are important, but often difficult to place on the invitation. In these cases, the so-called pocketfolds are excellent. These double folded cards have a pocket that allows additional information to be placed on a sheet of paper.

Invitation cards for the wedding guests

Once the guest list is done, you can slowly think of the way the invitation is designed. Depending on how many guests you want to load, there are two basic options:

• For a small-scale wedding, the invitations can be designed with love and skill. From the beautifully hand-written and high-quality paper to the unconventional implementation (for example, as a bottle mail or designed as a plane ticket) offers creatives a wide field to bring a personal touch to the cause.

• If the guest list has become more extensive, or if there is neither time nor inclination to tinker with it for a long time, the best solution is to use the usual solution: invitation cards from the printing works. On the cost side, almost everything is possible here again, because everything from the online self-assembled and printed card to the super-simple variant on hand-made paper with gold print is offered.

Wedding Invitations – What really matters …

… is, as so often, the first impression. Because with your invitation cards for your wedding, you also send something like a business card, which conveys in advance what can be expected on and from your happy day – a lovingly and stylishly organized party or a rather relaxed-happy story with party vibe until to beckon.

… but above all, that your guests hold the invitation cards at least six weeks before your wedding. They should still have enough room to set up their calendars on it. And in order to handle menu orders and seating arrangements for civil registry office, church and blackboard in peace, it is advisable to ask the invitees to accept or reject up to a fixed date.

Subtle notes regarding the invitation cards for the wedding

Since most people who are willing to marry live together for quite some time nowadays, classic wedding lists are becoming increasingly important for founding households. Adding cash to your wish list is no longer regarded as a taboo break, but has become quite common and is even perceived as pleasant by many guests

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