Decoration with honeycomb balls for the wedding

Many brides today appreciate honeycomb balls as a simple and attractive element in wedding decorations. The honeycomb balls can be fanned out in no time and are ready to hang up. So you can conjure up an appealing decoration in a short time and turn to other tasks. From classic to modern or boho, the honeycomb balls simply match any wedding decoration. There are many different shapes and colors available, so that you can harmonize this practical decoration idea wonderfully with your own wedding.

How to decorate the wedding with honeycomb balls

The decoration with honeycomb balls can be done in different ways. They can be used in the following ways:

– hanging from the ceiling
– as part of the table decoration
– in special shapes as a background for candy bar and cake buffet

The different types of honeycomb balls can be used for the different decorative purposes. If you want to integrate the honeycomb balls into the table decoration, for example, you can use flowers honeycomb balls in a small size. As a background for the Candy Bar, honeycomb balls are wonderful, which are designed in different shapes, such as ice cream cones. Groups of different sized honeycomb balls are particularly effective for decorating walls and ceilings. You can also put together different colors. Several small honeycomb balls can also be combined as a garland that can be hung over the entrance to the hall.

Advantages of honeycomb balls when decorating

If you do the wedding decoration in DIY work, you can save a lot of time with tools such as the honeycomb balls, since the pretty balls are assembled in no time. Attaching is also easy. Nevertheless, they allow a lot of creativity in the composition, so that you can easily create a very individual decoration. A wide selection of honeycomb balls is available in wedding shops or party shops. It is worth taking a look at the offer and being inspired by colors and shapes.

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