Heart for the wedding – A classic motif for lovers

The heart of the wedding is one of the most popular motifs when it comes to decoration at the wedding. Hardly any other motif symbolizes love in such an international language as the heart and therefore it has a permanent place in the wedding decoration. Whether the wedding is dedicated entirely to the heart or decides on a different theme, hearts are part of every wedding and should be integrated into the décor in any way.

Decoration ideas for a perfect Heart Wedding

Once you begin to orient yourself in heart and soul wedding shops and wedding portals, you will soon find that the number of heart-shaped articles you can find is infinite. This is another reason why the heart offers itself as a wedding theme. With an inexhaustible selection of pretty decorative items, it becomes easy to get creative in decorating the wedding. Some examples are:

– heart garlands
– heart candles
– heart-shaped cardboard
– heart shaped place cards

The heart shape is also reflected in the stationery. So you can choose to get in the mood for the wedding invitation cards that have the heart motif. Place cards and menu cards can also reflect the heart theme, and after all, you can also decorate the thanks after the wedding with hearts.

Heart wedding for table decoration

With the heart wedding motif, the decoration of the wedding table can be designed in a perfect way. Decorated with heart lanterns, name card holders or name cards in heart shape are accompanied by scattered decorationheart and as a favor you can each heartdragon tea with chocolate filling, which is packaged in a heart-shaped organza bag. Also the dishes can be equipped with a heart pattern and you can fold the napkins heart-shaped. Even the wedding cake can present itself in heart shape and on the cake buffet also heart biscuits with red icing are popular among the guests.

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