Heart balloons as a special attraction for the wedding

At the wedding, it’s all about the love of the young couple, and the d is apt to use elements that symbolize this love. Heart balloons are particularly popular because they give the decoration a particularly cheerful element and stand out from afar with its pretty shape and the bright color. If you put together the colors for the wedding, you should try to incorporate red, the color of love, so that you can make use of the pretty red balloons.

So you decorate with heart balloons

The decoration with balloons is easy because you can buy them in different sizes. Small balloons can be assembled into garlands that can be hung over the cake buffet, for example. The small balloons are also perfect for table decoration and can be made into small arrangements that immediately attract the attention of the guests. If the wedding takes place outdoors, you can attach large balloons to trees and shrubs.

Let the heart balloons rise

A beautiful custom for the wedding is also the rising of heart balloons. For example, this activity can be used to greet the bride and groom after the wedding in front of the church and is often organized by a witness. You need:

– a heart balloon for every guest

– balloon cord

– balloon cards

– helium for filling

Each balloon is tied to a card that the finder of the balloon can send back to the bride and groom. Each guest receives a balloon with string and card. If the wedding couple then leaves the church or the registry office, all balloons will be released at the same time. The sky fills with a cloud of delicate heart balloons, creating a romantic moment that guests enjoy as much as the bridal couple. If the balloon cards often arrive after weeks, the couple will be happy again.

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