Headdress at the wedding as a glamorous detail

The wedding outfit gets its charm from a number of unique details that combine to form a fascinating overall picture. For the wedding, the bride wants to look like a princess and the individual accessories help to achieve this look. Hardly any other accessory achieves such an impressive effect as a headdress at a wedding. It is the crown of the princess, so to speak, and is an eye-catcher that the guests’ eyes keep turning on. Therefore, you should never do without a headdress and carefully choose a part that fits perfectly with your hairstyle and dress.

Choose the right headdress for the wedding

Before choosing the headdress for the wedding, some other decisions are said to have already been made. For example, you should have already selected the wedding dress so that the headdress is kept in the same style. It is also important that you have already selected a bridal hairstyle. The hairdresser can also help you choose the right headdress, as the headdress must match the hairstyle perfectly. You can choose from the following options:

hat with streak
– lace and tulle veil
tiara with or without veil
– fascinator

Such an accessory for the hair is the perfect addition to the bridal outfit and gives romantic elegance.

Perfect wedding hair accessories for long and short hair

If the bride has long hair, there are infinite design options for the bridal hairstyle. The hair is happy to be pinned up to a beautiful hairstyle, and a matching hair accessory for the wedding crowns the magnificent work. A tiara or tiara looks particularly gorgeous and a comb can be used to hold the veil. But even with short hairstyles, a headdress looks special. A large-mesh veil, which can be combined with a hat, looks just as romantic as a hair garland with floral decoration, which is pinned to the hairstyle with hairpins.

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