Hawaiian Lei to the wedding as a funny accessory

When designing a wedding, you are always looking for extraordinary ideas to make your own party in a very individual way. For example, theme weddings are very popular today, with everything from decoration to the wedding supper revolving around a theme. A popular topic idea is Hawaii. There are many interesting decorating ideas that create a colorful, exotic atmosphere that is reminiscent of summer and leisure. Hawaii labels prove to be versatile in such a wedding and as an element appreciated by the guests.

This is how the Hawaiian Leis are used

The Hawaiian leis can be used with their beautiful variety of colors in the decoration of the hall. The Hawaiian LEis in colorful, warm colors can be hung like garlands on the walls and also make a welcoming ornament for the buffet table. There are no limits to the creative possibilities. A wonderful idea is to decorate the guests with a Hawaiian leis on the welcome at the reception. So every guest feels fast as part of the wedding and is adapted to the ambience. Of course, the bride and groom can be decorated with Hawaiian Leis, where you can choose a special color for the bride and groom.

Hawaiian Leis for the wedding shopping

If you decide to use Hawaiiketten at the wedding, you can buy the pretty chains made of paper online. Here you can find among others the following chains:

– colorful or monochrome
– in different lengths
– In flowers or heart shape

A beautiful idea for decoration at the wedding are Hawaiian Leis from real flowers. The original leis are made up of hibiscus flowers and orchids. However, you can also opt for other flowers. However, real flower Hawaiian LEis  should not be used to decorate guests with flowers that can stain clothing.

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