Happy Tears for the wedding / handkerchiefs ready for the guests

At the wedding party, you will be happy to have nice little things for the guests, which will prove that you have thought of their well-being. These include the tears of joy handkerchiefs. In the romantic moments of the wedding, for example, when the bride gives the bridegroom a word of blessing, or when the wedding song sounds when entering the church, it becomes difficult for some to hide the tears. Touch and joy for the wedding couple are responsible for the tears. Therefore, the bride also likes to put tears on every seat in the pews, so that the tears can be wiped away and greater damage to the elegant make-up can be avoided.

Beautiful design of Happy Tears for the wedding

Happy Tears handkerchiefs can be packaged in a pretty way. For this purpose one uses:

– banderoles
– envelopes
– cardboard boxes
– case

The packaging for the handkerchiefs should be nicely decorated and also carry the inscription “tears of joy handkerchiefs”. In this way, the guests immediately know the meaning of the gift and really appreciate the gift.

Happy Tears for the wedding – Practical Tips

Happy Tears can be ordered in the wedding shop ready with their packaging. You have the opportunity to personalize the case or the band. In addition to the word “tears of joy handkerchief” should also be the names of Braut ind groom and, if possible, the wedding date. Especially at large weddings, the ready-made handkerchiefs are the most practical solution. However, if you have a lot of time and love to tinker, you can also make the handkerchiefs yourself and create especially individual packaging ideas. If there is no time on the wedding day to distribute the tears of joy in the church benches, you can deposit them at the entrance to the church in a box next to the church pamphlets. So every guest can serve themselves when needed.

A much more elegant method would be to ask a helper to stand at the door and give each guest a “packet” (or whatever you have separated) and wish them a happy holiday at the same time. If you can not find a helper or everyone is busy with something else in time, you could put the tears of joy tears in a beautiful basket matching the wedding theme in front of the door (best at eye level). In addition, you should pay attention that it is not a simple basket but a beautifully decorated / decorated basket, possibly with an inscription or a saying. After all, the idea with the saying could also be made with the handkerchiefs themselves by printing a spell matching the subject on the handkerchiefs.

In the shop you will find a large selection of matching items for a successful wedding.