Guardian Angel as a companion for the wedding

At weddings, it is customary to give the guests small favors as a thank you for participating in the wedding, which serve as a reminder of the big day. Often you don’t know which little thing to choose when it comes to favors. A particularly nice idea are guardian angels, which are not only a souvenir from the wedding, but also give the guests their best wishes at the same time. Wedding angels are a wonderful way a bride can express appreciation of guests.

Wedding Guardian Angel – lucky charm

Since guardian angels naturally have a strong religious background, they are mainly suitable as a gift for church weddings. Everyone can use a little luck and these party favors are an excellent way to make guests happy. You can choose from a whole range of pretty guardian angels:

– metal key ring
– busts made of poly are
– porcelain figurines
– angel made of music paper

Such a gift can be presented in a small gift box or packed in a nicely decorated bag. Bags that are also printed with an angel motif are particularly suitable.

Make angels out of paper yourself

Often you can see little angels made of music paper as decoration. Paper from ecclesiastical hymnal is often used, because on the one hand it has a connection with religion, just like the angels. But it is also often used because it is a very thin paper that is easy to fold and often has a pleasant color. Bleached thin paper is also suitable, but the angels made of sheet music are a lot nicer to look at.

But how do you make an angel out of music paper? It is actually quite simple. All you need for an angel is sheet music, a wooden or styrofoam ball, a little wool and, if necessary, angel hair.

A “fan” is folded out of paper for the wings and the body. The fan for the wings must be shorter than that for the body. As soon as the two zigzag folds are finished, both are kicked in the middle. The wings come on the body and are tied together with a thread.

Use the same thread to pull the wooden or polystyrene ball (which of course needs a hole in the middle for this) and then knot the thread together. Finally, you have to pull the body together a little so that there is no gap.

Guardian Angel as wedding decoration

Sometimes the bride also decides on the subject of guardian angels at the wedding. Then the pretty figures are the central theme of the decoration. Place cards in the shape of angel wings go with it and white organza can also be formed into clouds, which the angels use as a background.

Guests can also take up the topic of angels. For example, congratulations with an angel card is a wonderful idea. The cards are equipped with sensual sayings that wish the couple luck for the future and thereby give life wisdom along the way. Such cards are kept by the bride like precious treasures that she likes to look at again and again.

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