The most beautiful Greeting Cards for the wedding

When friends or acquaintances marry, one expresses his best wishes and a greetings card is the best way to do so. In card shops or here in our online shop you will find beautiful models that are suitable for all tastes. So you can choose a classic card for a conservative couple and come up with a modern greeting card for an alternative wedding. The cards are usually offered in envelopes, so you can present them personally, as well as send by mail.

So greeting cards are used for the wedding

Those who can not attend the wedding in person express their congratulations on a greeting card, which is sent to the couple. So you let the bride and groom know that you thought of them even from a distance. But also for the holiday guests the greeting cards are practical and can be used in the following ways:

– as a gift tag
– to hand over a gift of money
– to convey a personal message

At many weddings special letterboxes are ready, in which one can insert a greeting card. Of course, at the party, the couple does not have time to open and read each card. This usually happens the next day. The collection of greeting cards is for most brides a precious treasure, which is treasured for years.

Greeting cards made by yourself

With a self-made greeting card you can convey a very personal greeting, which is particularly appreciated. On the Internet you can find numerous instructions on how to design such a card. For example, you can insert one or more photos and of course put a beautiful spell inside the card. This should be handwritten in beautiful writing. You can also use a quote on the subject of wedding and love or give the couple a life’s wisdom on the way.

The right greeting card for your wedding

With your greeting card, you can happily surprise the wedding couple. It is important to consider in which relationship you are with the bride and groom. The better you are acquainted with the bridal couple, the more personal your congratulations should be designed and written.

Basically, you can buy a card or design it yourself. When buying, you should pay attention to how well you know the wedding couple. Funny greeting cards are for good friends or relatives. Serious or neutral cards are accepted if there is no close friendship and if one does not know the humor of the bride and groom very well.

With a little skill, you can also make a greeting card yourself. Use parchment, straw silk, construction paper or other noble papers. You can decorate the whole thing with photos, drawings, collages and little things from the craft shop – your imagination knows no bounds here. The congratulations can be written directly on the card or you use an insert sheet.

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