Gloves for the wedding – sign of the highest elegance

The wearing of gloves at the wedding contribute to making the wedding dress even more stylish and elegant. But once you get into the topic of bridal gloves, you quickly realize that there is a huge selection of models that make it difficult to make a perfect choice. One is unsure which style glove fits for the bridal gown. The different types of gloves for the wedding include:

– short
– classic
– elbows
– opera

The correct length for the glove is usually determined by the wedding dress. Form and sleeve length of the dress are the decisive factor.

Which glove for which dress?

If you choose a long, sleeveless wedding dress in the ball style, gloves in opera length are preferred when the dress is simple and ensure a special elegance. For a lavishly decorated dress, however, short gloves are preferred. A short sleeveless bridal gown always wears shorties or short gloves that reach to the wrist. If you put on a suit dress for the wedding, you should choose short, unadorned gloves, or dispense with these altogether. Even with dresses with long or ¾ sleeves, the glove should be plain so as not to distract from the sleeves.

Handling the gloves during the ceremony

During the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom exchange their rings. Of course, the glove acts disturbing. There are two ways to solve this problem. Some gloves are offered as cuffs, leaving the fingers completely free. These gloves can also be worn during the ceremony and do not interfere with the attachment of the ring. However, if you want to wear complete gloves, they should be taken off before the ring ceremony and given to a bridesmaid. Taking off the gloves should be practiced a few times before the ceremony so that the movements look safe and elegant.

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