Wedding Garter – traditional accessory for the bride

A garter is still one of the beautiful traditions that are maintained at a wedding. At the end of the wedding, the bride takes off her garter and throws it at the unmarried men. The groom can also remove the garter and throw it to the bachelors. The man who catches the garter will be the next groom. If you want to keep the ribbon as a reminder, simply wear a second ribbon over the first.

Wedding Garter – history of the garter

In the past, garters were simply meant to prevent stockings from constantly falling off. Today you no longer need garters, as women’s stockings now hold on their legs all by themselves. For fashion reasons and also on erotic occasions, women wear the garter at least from time to time around the thigh.

The cause – and thank God it was a few hundred years ago – was a tradition to publicize the sexual execution of marriage. As proof of the defloration of the bride, the bloody sheet was presented to the wedding guests after the couple’s first sex. Later, the somewhat more harmless variant emerged, instead of presenting the garter that was successfully “conquered” by the groom.

Only when it became unusual to let the wedding party take part in such intimate news did the custom around the garter change to such an extent that it was towards the end of the celebration – before the wedding night! – was thrown into the crowd of unmarried men. And the catcher should be the next groom. A counterpart to the tradition of throwing the bridal bouquet towards the unmarried women present. Unfortunately, there were regular clashes between the men who were already in a good mood. Some even had to be prevented from trying to get the coveted piece directly from the bride.

Particularly popular: the blue garter

Many women choose a blue garter for their wedding. This is based on another custom, according to which the bride should wear “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” to attract happiness. In addition to this traditional blue garter, there are also a number of other seductive models on offer:

– black and red garters
– garters in pink
– garters with gun holder

So you can choose according to your own taste which garter you want to wear under your own wedding dress and want to see at the end of the wedding.

An important gift for the bride

As a maid of honor or close confidante, you can give the bride a garter before the wedding. You can also choose a beautiful model that comes in a stylish gift box. Take your time and choose the right garter for the wedding. In our shop you will find a large selection with different colors.

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