Plan a romantic Garden Wedding

If you are planning a wedding in the summer, you can opt for a garden wedding that is especially romantic in the open air amidst blooming greenery. In such a wedding, there are some aspects that should be considered, so that the celebration is also a success. This includes, for example, the weather. Thus, a roof should be available outdoors, which can offer the guests in a sudden rain shower or excessive sunlight protection. In addition one can use transparent tents under certain circumstances, which allow a view of the nature even if rain raises. Also, you should plan toilet facilities that may need to be rented for this day. Meanwhile, there are luxurious mobile toilets with music, air conditioning or granite countertops, to decorate the toilets in addition to offer decorative items such as flowers,.. very well.

Lighting and decoration for the Garden Wedding

When planning the decoration for a garden wedding, keep in mind that it may be windy. Therefore, you should opt for deco items that look good even when they are moved by the wind back and forth. Bands and loosely assembled balloons are particularly well suited for this and can also be attached well to trees and shrubs. Pompoms and fans in bright colors also help create a festive atmosphere in the garden. Of course, as soon as it gets dark, lighting is also needed for the garden wedding. Lanterns in the colors of the wedding are definitely part of a garden wedding. You can also use the following elements:

– floating tealights in glass bowls
torches to illuminate paths
– LED fairy lights

In this way you can create different light and illuminate the garden perfectly.

Ideas for the well-being of the guests

Outdoor gardening is often more relaxed than a wedding in the hall. For example, you can note on the invitation that guests in the garden can change into comfortable shoes. It is also a good idea to distribute small containers with sunscreen and mosquito repellent to the guests at the beginning of the celebration.

Since one celebrates outside one has the advantage that one has a lot of space. That means you can organize many activities, such as a bouncy castle for the kids, an ice cream cart, etc. Another great option that results from the spacious space is “Mega-Jenga”. Everyone probably knows the classic party game Jenga, in which a tower is made of wooden blocks and you have to gradually remove blocks without the tower collapse, and only in large.


Here you will find useful tips regarding wedding planning, so you are prepared in the best possible way.