Funny Wedding Games for the entertainment program

To ensure a good mood at the wedding, it is important to provide the guests with sufficient entertainment. Idle times occur during the celebration when there is nothing to do. Before the meal is served and also in the time after the meal before the opening dance one should entertain the guests. This is usually the job of the best man. A good idea is to choose fun wedding games that guests can participate in and have a good laugh.

Choose the best Wedding Games

If you choose funny wedding games, you should make sure that they are tasteful and fit the character of the bride and groom. Some of the best ideas are:

Once around the world

Each guest receives a colorful balloon with a balloon card on which a wish for the couple is written. Then all guests let the balloons fly together and experience an emotionally charged moment.

Photos with disguise

A table is placed with funny cladding such as hats, glasses, flower chains and other for the guests so that they can take a snapshot of themselves with a funny cladding.

Wedding Tree

All guests can leave their fingerprints and write the name on a large canvas printed with a tree. This is not only a fun game, it also creates a wonderful memorial for the newlyweds.

Wedding sketches as funny games

Another fun wedding game is the improvised staging of skits. This is very easy to do if you download the templates for it on the Internet. For example, you can perform a fairytale sketch. Some guests take on the roles and receive their texts that they can read. Of course, one can also agree on the day before the wedding, so the sketch is guaranteed to be a success. Typical clothing should also be available to give the small play special charm. With this fun wedding game you can definitely get the guests’ attention and help to get rid of the boredom and create a relaxed atmosphere.

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