The flower wall – a romantic decoration for every wedding

Beautiful flowers and weddings have always been together. That’s why you are always careful when decorating to bring flowers in different ways. For a wedding ceremony or as a photo wall, such a piece of decoration offers a perfect background, which is romantic and elegant for the wedding. Just looking at their fantastic effect on photos, flower walls have become a popular trend at weddings today, which is becoming increasingly prevalent.

What types of flower walls are there?

Due to their great popularity, there are flower walls today in a whole range of designs. A particularly noble way to use a flower wall for a wedding is to let the flower wall be made of fresh flowers. Since the walls are usually quite large, but it also involves a significant cost factor. Especially if you choose exotic flowers, such a flower wall can take a large part of the Deko budget. However, one can also choose for flower walls made of artificial flowers. The following materials are suitable for this:

– Silk
– artificial silk
– crepe paper
– lace

If you want to make the flower wall yourself at a DIY wedding, crepe paper is usually the material of choice. It is reasonably priced, available in many colors and is also easy to handle.

Rent flower wall

If, after the wedding, there is no further use for a flower wall, for example, in decorating the new house, the best solution is often to rent the flower wall. Many suppliers now offer flower walls for various events, so it’s easy enough to find a model that suits their needs. Of course, it is important to make sure that the flower wall matches perfectly with the rest of the wedding decoration. In this way, it blends harmoniously into the feast day room and provides a trendy element that will delight the guests.

Notebook for wedding planning

For a successful wedding planning we recommend a matching notebook. These two notebooks are perfect for this. The great thing about these two books is that you are guided step by step through all the necessary stages of wedding planning and can make your own notes in the book in all positions.

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