The classic and individual wedding decoration – floral arrangements

In addition to the bridal bouquet and the flower brooches, flower arrangements contribute to the romantic flair at every wedding. The attention of the guests is directed to the celebration on the chalkboard, through arrangements of flowers it is possible to push dishes and other table accessories in the right light. Take your time to choose the appropriate flower arrangements, taking into account the overall picture of your wedding so that the color complements accordingly.

Flower arrangements wedding – that fit the season

It is possible to fly in summer flowers in the winter time and is also preferred. In winter, there are so beautiful seasonal and inexpensive flowers, it would be a pity not to use.

– for the winter wedding: Christmas roses, Amaryllis
– Flowers for the spring wedding: anemone, calla and tulip
– for the summer wedding: lavender, sunflowers and vetches
– Flowers for the autumn wedding: dahlia and hydrangea

In addition to a variety of colors, gerberas and orchids are suitable as flowers for any season, as they are always available.

What to look out for when buying the flower arrangements

In terms of color, the arrangements are best matched with the style of the wedding to round off the overall picture. Flowers can be bought in all sorts of colors and variations, so it is almost impossible to find any matching ones. Of course, the arrangements should also harmonize with a bridal bouquet and the flower pendants. In general, a wedding should look very harmonious and atmospheric, as it makes it look more beautiful. With floral arrangements you can do much more than you think.

Tip: The best way to order the arrangements long before the wedding, so you can already look at the flower arrangements when buying the other table accessories.

The perfect floral arrangements for your wedding

With the matching floral arrangement your wedding looks much better. There is a huge selection of flowers today that will make your tables look beautiful. Striking flowers are probably the best. When entering the location, the decoration usually catches the eye, especially the beautiful, fragrant flowers. There are floral arrangements in every color, shape and size. It can certainly find something for your wedding. You can discuss with your florist how you would like the flower arrangements. He can certainly help you and conjure up the perfect flower arrangement for the wedding. It is important that you know what colors and types of flowers choose. If you have no plan, then the florist can certainly advise you. Flowers conjure the guests a smile in the face. Floral arrangements are the most important decorations in the wedding. The location not only looks nice, but also has a good atmosphere.

Flower arrangements on cars

Flower arrangements are not  only seen in the location. The wedding car is also decorated with floral arrangements. Mostly the hood is decorated with a large flower arrangement. There are many varieties of floral arrangements that can be tied to the bonnet. Many decorate your car with a heart, circle or diagonal. That’s obvious. In addition, they decorate the hood with tulle circles. This creates a nice overall picture.

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