Romantic mood with floral decoration for the wedding

A beautiful flower decoration creates a special atmosphere at the wedding. If you choose the color theme for the wedding, it’s a good idea to think about which flowers are available in the month of the celebration so you can enrich the decoration with seasonal flowers, thus minimizing the cost of wedding flower arrangements. There are many interesting ideas that can be used to incorporate flowers in the equipment of the banquet hall.

The best tips for flower decoration for the wedding

At the wedding reception table decoration is especially important. The centerpiece is the so-called Centerpiece, a flower arrangement that is placed in the middle of each table. When choosing this arrangement, you can choose rectangular or even oval shapes. If possible, the arrangement should not be too high, so it does not restrict the view of seated people in the conversation at the table. It is also a pretty idea to repeat the style of the flowers with napkins with flower prints, creating a perfect harmony.

Floral Decoration Wedding – The perfect choice of flowers

To achieve a special effect, the flowers should be tailored to the design of the board. For example:

– Tulips and roses to playful dishes
– showy sunflowers to simple dishes
– white floral decoration to white dishes for special elegance

When the table decoration for the wedding is to be noted, which is less often more. Although the centerpiece should be an eye-catcher for the guests, but should not be too overwhelming. That’s why smaller arrangements are usually preferable. Even very fragrant flowers, such as freesia or lilac can be disturbing on the table and therefore do not fit so well to the table decoration. It is also important to note that the floral decoration harmonizes with the colors of the bridal bouquet, so that a uniform motto of the wedding becomes apparent.

The most beautiful flower decoration ideas for the wedding

Flowers are part of a wedding and give the decoration its special charm. But there are always many problems with real flowers. The durability and the price of the flowers depends heavily on the season, so you have to spend a small fortune, especially in winter for this. In addition, many flowers wither quickly, so they decoration can be applied just before the wedding reception to look fresh. Artificial flowers can be just as gorgeous and bring much less problems.

Gorgeous flower ideas for the wedding decoration

With beautiful rose bouquets or various single blossoms made of artificial materials, together with lace trim or wide ribbons in attractive colors, you can create beautiful decorative elements that look magnificent both in the church and in the ballroom. The great advantage is that you can put together such a flower decoration for the wedding many days before the celebration and thus avoid the stress at the last moment.

The following materials are particularly suitable for artificial flowers:

– tissue paper
– Silk
– Satin

Tissue paper pom-poms will look elegant on any wedding floral deco and can be applied anywhere due to their lightness. With such decorative materials you can let the creativity run wild and put together a very individual wedding jewelry.

Floral decoration wedding in modern style: solar fairy lights

An extraordinary idea for the flower decoration for the wedding are the solar fairy lights. They are best made of numerous small flowers, which are illuminated by small bulbs. They provide a wonderful lighting effect after the end of the day and can be easily integrated into any floral decoration.

Floral Decoration Wedding: Location

Flower decoration is part of a successful wedding. They give a romantic mood and smell wonderful. The location looks quite different with flowers, much nicer and they have a big impact on the atmosphere. The guests are usually amazed when they enter the location. It puts a smile on everyone’s face. Especially if you are creative with the flower decoration. The tables are decorated with flowers, but you should be careful that there are not too many flowers at the tables. Finding the best flower arrangements is often difficult. But it is important that the flowers fit the wedding and are selected accordingly. It is best to arrange an appointment with a florist and tell him his wishes and ideas. They have the necessary experience and profession and can make the necessary floral decoration.

Floral decoration on wedding car

Floral decoration is not only used in the wedding location, but e.g. also with wedding cars. Especially on the hood flowers are attached. The car jewelry is available in different variants, for example in the shape of a heart. Mostly red roses are used. It is also especially nice if the same flowers and colors are used in the car decoration that you used in the wedding decoration.

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