Flower arrangements for the wedding – what you have to consider everything

Whether the wedding car, the bridesmaids, the wedding hall, the church, the brooches for the wedding guests or the groom – most important is the bridal bouquet for the bride.

The best choice for floral arrangements for a wedding

If you choose the decoration for the wedding, it will have a big influence on the general mood of the celebration. Therefore, it is advisable to think about this detail special thoughts and to match the flower arrangements for the wedding also perfectly with the rest of the decoration. For the flower arrangement at the wedding not only the arrangements for the tables belong, but also the bridal bouquet, which should of course also harmonize perfectly with the wedding dress.

Floral decorations professionally align

If there is no person with a floristic knowledge in the circle of acquaintances or relatives to undertake the task of arranging the floral arrangement for the wedding, it is advisable to hire a florist who has experience in flower decoration for weddings. In this way you can get the best flowers and arrangements.

For floral arrangements for the wedding, there are some details to consider:

– Flowers of the season are cheaper
– Floral decoration must match the rest of the decoration
– Flower arrangements must be ordered in time

When ordering the flowers, it should be noted that in addition to the bridal bouquet and the table decoration, flowers are also needed for the flower children, the wedding decoration and possibly also for the ring pillow. Bridegroom and groomsmen often receive a wedding pin from flowers.

Symbolic meaning of the flowers

In the choice of flower arrangements for the wedding, the symbolic language of the flowers will also be considered. Of course you know that red roses are for love, but other flowers and plants have a special meaning. Thus ivy stands for loyalty, the lily for virginity and Calla for infinity. The orchid, on the other hand, is symbolic of appreciation and forget-me-not ensures that the groom always thinks about his bride. Thus one can express many wishes and hopes with the choice of the flowers and contribute further to the emblematic character of the wedding by using the language of the flowers.

Flowers for the bride – the wedding bridal bouquet

Your wedding outfit will be completed by the bridal bouquet. The bride has to like the bridal bouquet and of course he has to match the wedding dress.

There are several types:

Biedermeier Bouquet: This bouquet fits every wedding dress. Man carries him tied.
Scepter Bouquet: This bridal bouquet is especially designed for brides with a short dress or for brides with  pants suit. You bind him like a scepter.
Bouquet: In this form, the flowers are tied together without further jewelry into a container. Especially suitable is the bracelet with simple clothes. The position is of course the arm.

Wedding church – decoration

In the church, the front of the pews and the altar are decorated with flowers.

Wedding hall – table and hall decoration

Especially suitable here are flower arrangements in glass vases, small pots with flowers or herbs, flower garlands and petals. You have to pay particular attention to the height of the flowers – the flowers are too high, the guests can not talk properly with each other. Many restaurants and hotels offer table decoration as a service, such as the chair bow.

Flower arrangement wedding – flower language

Flower arrangements are one of the attractions at the wedding. However, to make the floral decoration look romantic and perfect at the wedding, some work and planning is necessary, usually done by the bride. Of course it is possible to hire a florist with the whole flower decoration. However, it is more personal to perform this task yourself and of course cheaper. From wedding magazines you can get a lot of suggestions that also fit perfectly to your own wedding.

Choose the right flowers

When choosing the flowers, the general color theme of the wedding is considered first, so that the flowers also fit perfectly. The flower decoration of the banquet hall, the floral table decoration and the church ornaments make the purchase of many flowers necessary. If you want to make the bill as low as possible at the florist, you should prefer such flowers that are available in the season of the wedding. If you want exotic flowers that need to be flown in, you have to expect a corresponding price. When arranging with the florist you should also make sure that the flowers are as fresh as possible. In this way, the flower decoration remains beautiful even where the flowers receive no water, such as the jewelry on the pews.

Language of flowers

The individual flowers are symbolic. If you choose the floral decoration for the wedding, it must also be well thought out. Some examples are as follows:

  • – Red roses – true love
    – Tea rose – resistance
    – forget-me-not – commemoration and love
    – Gerbera – You make everything more beautiful
    – Bellflower – Harmony
    – Lily – purity and faith

If one knows the meaning of the individual flowers, then one can lend the flower decoration of the wedding even a deeper meaning and the flowers become the good Ohmen for the wedding.

Flower arrangement wedding – wedding car

Also in the car floral decoration is used. The wedding car is usually decorated with a large beautiful floral arrangement. Especially on the hood you usually see the flower arrangements attached. There are many varieties of floral arrangements, in which the wedding car will ultimately look perfect. Many decorate the car in the form of a circle or heart. It catches your eye. In addition, you can decorate the hood with tulle. It is also important that the flowers are chosen so that they match the wedding and theme.

DIY – making flowers yourself

You can never have enough flowers. There is no wedding where floral decoration is not used. You do not have to buy flower arrangements, you can make them yourself. For example, you can tinker a flower wreath yourself. You need:

-different flowers
-fresh green
-duct tape
-hot glue gun

First, attach the greens on the hoop. You can either stick it on it or tie it with ribbons. Then you stick the different flowers on it. It’s up to you how many flowers are attached to the hoop. It is important that the flowers are carefully glued on, because you do not want to see torn flowers. Done is your flower arrangement. It’s really fast and perfect for table decoration.