A flask as an unusual gift for the wedding

If you are invited to a wedding, you are always looking for unusual ideas, with which you bride or groom can make a special treat. As a close friend of the groom or as a witness you can give the groom, for example, a hip flask. Such a wedding present can be presented before the wedding. Usually the groom is nervous before the ceremony and the gift will probably make you smile. In the worst case, a small sip of fortification can work wonders, of course. Therefore, one should fill the flask of course with the favorite drink of the groom.

Choose a suitable flask for the wedding

Most hipsters have a capacity of 0.2 or 0.25 l and are characterized by a flattened shape that fits easily into the bag. They are usually filled with high-percentage alcohol because the capacity would otherwise make no sense. He should serve as a drink during the journey.

You can find them among several species. The most common models are in the following versions:

– stainless steel
– silver
– volume
– glass
– plastic

In addition, there are sheaths with leather or plastic. When choosing one should focus on quality and make sure that the closure is well made and tight. It is usually a screw cap. To make the gift more personal, you can also have the hip flask engraved. These are the name of the groom and the date of the wedding. Thus, the hip flask becomes a lasting memory, which the groom always likes to pick up.

Flask as a gift for the best man

The Best Man is often a valuable helper in preparing for the wedding and relieving the groom at critical moments. Therefore, it is also common for the groom to make a gift to his best man to express his gratitude. Also, a hip flask is a good idea and can also be personalized with a personal engraving. With such a gift you can prepare the groomsman a great surprise that will appreciate this.

Another possibility would be to get two hip flasks or have them made in a partner look for the groomsman and the groom. You could have engraved the name of each and the wedding date, depending on what the best man is, you can customize the hip flask. Maybe a funny text, a text of thanks, the names of all important people involved in the wedding. The ultimate goal is to create a lasting memory with the gift and to always be able to remember the great time.

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