Fireworks wedding – Gorgeous surprise for the guests

The wedding is the most important day in the life of the newlyweds and is celebrated accordingly solemnly. Whether it’s a big or small celebration, a fireworks display for the wedding is a magnificent highlight on the feast and creates an unforgettable moment for the newlyweds as well as the guests. You can make the fireworks on a grand scale by a professional or even decide to ignite the fireworks yourself. In both cases, one creates a highlight for the wedding, with which one underlines the importance of the event.

Fireworks Wedding – That must be considered

If you are planning a firework wedding, you must start the preparations in good time. The most important preparations include:

– Obtain approval from the authorities
– Obtain approval from landowner
– Agree design with the pyrotechnician

Good timing is important if you want to organize a successful fireworks display. Fireworks are set at most wedding venues, so there is no difficulty in obtaining fireworks approval and finding a suitable firing range. But you also need an official permit, which must be applied for two weeks before the appointment. For a longer time you should give the pyrotechnician, so that he can put together a fireworks display that meets your own wishes. So you should start planning the fireworks already four to six weeks before the wedding. It remains up to you but whether you ignite the fireworks itself, so friends, helpers etc. or everything makes a pyrotechnician.

Fireworks as a wedding surprise

A further possibility would be with a group of several guests ideally family members, to put together and prepare the bride and groom a huge surprise. A fireworks is a very expensive fun but if you pay as a group together, the expensive fun is quickly covered and you can rob the bride and groom for a few minutes, since very few would come up with such an idea. It would be best to inform yourself if the bridal couple has not already engaged a pyrotechnician otherwise this can quickly lead to a collision.

Different types of fireworks

Fireworks can be designed in different ways. It can, for example, be accompanied by music or even run in sync with music. Special effects are also popular. In the process, images of the fireworks can be projected onto the sky. Two intertwined hearts or the initials of the bride and groom are popular for the wedding. One should be advised once about the various options. After all, the design of the fireworks is also a matter of budget and it is worth making comparisons before deciding on a provider, because every euro counts in a wedding preparation.