Fingerprint for the wedding

If you are looking for great ideas for the wedding, you should be interested in the fingerprint wedding game. The finished result is a beautiful memory for the bridal couple. When creating the artwork, all guests can participate, so that this idea also provides an interesting conversation for the wedding celebration at the same time.

What is the fingerprint for the wedding?

The fingerprint for the wedding is a popular custom, which is still cherished today. Guests are invited to leave their fingerprints on a pre-made motif. The result is a collage of fingerprints that creates a memory of the happiest day in the bride and groom’s life. Of course, the guests have a lot of fun creating the little work of art and it quickly creates laughter and good mood. As a best man or family member, who is responsible for arranging the wedding celebration, the fingerprint of the wedding makes an excellent decision that will inspire you with enthusiasm.

Get set for the game

The fingerprint wedding game is easy to organize nowadays. You can get a complete set that includes everything you need for the game. Included here is the canvas with the print motif on which the fingerprints are applied. In addition you get different ink pads in several colors. Often, the sentence also contains a pen with which you can write the name of each fingerprint on the canvas.

How to design the game

During the wedding celebration, the screen for the fingerprint image is placed in a clearly visible place in the ballroom. An easel is perfect for that. On a table next to it, the ink pads are designed to moisten the fingers. It is a good idea to lay out a few cards on which guests can first practice the fingerprint. Then the fingerprints are fittingly inserted into the motif; for example, as leaves on the tree or balloons on the balloon basket. It makes sense to pay attention to a stylish color theme. Often a fine pen is used, with which you can write the name of the guest for each fingerprint. Thus, the couple can still remember after years of every guest at the party. You should also have enough clean rags ready, so that the fingers can be cleaned again after the impression and the holiday wardrobe is not soiled. When buying the canvas for the fingerprint wedding you should make sure that there is enough space for all guests.

Personalize fingerprint for wedding

Traditionally, a tree is often chosen as a motif to make the fingerprint for a wedding. But today there are many other beautiful motifs to choose from. Hearts, balloon baskets or wedding cars are also ideal as a motif. But you can personalize your personal fingerprint image even far beyond the choice of subject. With many providers, it is possible to have the motif printed with the names of the wedding couple and the wedding date. Often it is even possible to take a photo of the bride and groom. The more personal you make the fingerprint for the wedding, the greater the enthusiasm of the newlyweds and it also increases the memory value.

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