Feeding the Groom – A funny wedding game

A wedding is a matter of many hours. Between the highlights such as the wedding dinner and the dance must be ensured that with the guests no boredom arises. In addition, the bride and groom can contribute with some fun games that amuse their guests. Feeding the groom is one of the wedding games where you can be sure of the laughter of the company. Therefore, the game is also very popular at weddings and can also be prepared without much effort.

Preparation of the game

To prepare the Groom Feeding Game you need:

  • – a white sheet
    – a romper suit
    – a baby hat for the groom
    – gauntlets to protect the dress of the bride
    – baby food, bananas and similar items for feeding

Slots are cut into the sheet for the groom’s head and for the bride’s arms. Then the romper suit is sewn directly under the neckline.

That’s the way the game goes

The sheet with the onesie is held tight by two guests. The groom sits behind on a chair and puts his head through the slot provided for this purpose. The bride steps behind her husband and now puts her arms through the slits in the sheet. Now the baby is assigned tasks by shouts from the audience, such as eating the baby food out of the jar. A helper hands the bride spoon and baby food. Now the bride begins to feed the groom without being able to see his head or mouth. The game can be extended to many tasks, such as washing the face or brushing the teeth. The most comical situations come about, where the guests can enjoy themselves. Of course it is also worthwhile to have the funny game filmed by a guest. You always like to watch this wedding memory.

Feeding the groom: A very funny game for the guests

Feeding the groom is a funny and popular game, which you enjoy playing at weddings. It just makes everyone laugh. It’s a great entertainment program that you can play at any wedding celebration. It is also funny to see the groom mutate into a baby and he is fed by the bride. It is also funny when the groom begins to moan or make baby noises. It is fun for the guests to watch and the wedding will be remembered forever.

The game has to be recorded

This funny entertainment program you just have to hold on. You have to record this with a videographer, because you want to watch this wedding memory years later and remember again and again. Many photos have to be shot. On the dresser at home, the photos are certainly gorgeous to look at. You can also frame the photos in a beautiful picture frame. And of course, the funny photos have to be added to the wedding photo album as well. It’s just great memories that are best captured by video and photography.

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