Favors for the wedding

Even though the main characters are the bride and groom at the wedding, the party will be nice for the guests. That’s why many brides and grooms now want to pay a little attention to everyone who’s invited to the wedding, who expresses their gratitude and is also a memento of an unforgettable day. Favors for the wedding are perfect.

Wedding favors planned on time

Like all wedding preparations, the wedding favors should be scheduled in time. It is important to consider a whole series of aspects. First, a budget should be set up so that you can calculate how much you can spend on each gift. Once you have decided on a suitable article, the point is to consider how the small souvenirs should be distributed. They can be placed together with the place cards on the wedding table. If one chooses this dosage form, the packaging of the gifts should fit however to the colors of the table decoration.

Wedding Favors: the most beautiful ideas

There are a large number of ideas for wedding favors, so you can find the right one for any budget. Sometimes a gift for each couple is served. The most popular items include:

– small figures made of porcelain or metal
– scented soap in pretty shapes
– Picture Frame
– keychain
fan made of bamboo and silk
– cactuses in the potty

If you want to make a treat with your wedding guests with little money, you can also opt for home-made gifts. For example, self-baked, heart-shaped cookies that you can wrap in decorative cellophane bags look original and romantic. Even small, hand-painted glasses are a nice gift idea that can be easily realized with a little skill. The most important thing about such a gift is always to let the guests know how much they enjoyed the visit of each guest.

Wedding Favors – Small thanks to the guests

The guests have a big share in the success of a wedding party. They provide the mood in which to celebrate the great occasion properly. So it is only natural that you would like to thank every guest as a thank you with a small gift to express their appreciation. It can be a tasteful little thing, such as wedding almonds or self-baked cookies. Hand-painted glasses are also popular as party favors.

It depends on the right packaging

Favors / Give-Aways for the wedding receive a large part of their attractiveness by a skilful packing. Presented in a pretty box, every little gift is precious and unique.

There are a number of inexpensive gift wrapping options, including:

– cardboard boxes with hearts
– bird cage boxes
– boxes with butterfly pattern
– wedding folding boxes

These boxes are not only particularly attractive, but also make it easy to pack the gifts. This saves time in the wedding preparations.

Distribution of favors for the wedding made easy

Once the favors / giveaways have been packed in their boxes, they can easily be distributed in different ways. For example, you can set up a table in the vicinity of the exit, so that every guest can take a special gift when leaving the party. If you choose a gift box in the color of the wedding decoration, the gift can also be placed at any place on the dining table, where it is also part of the decoration.

Soap bubbles instead of rice – Pretty party favors for wedding guests

The last preparations have been made and there are only a few days until the wedding. The time before the big day is stressful for both the future bride and groom and friends who help with the preparations.

To say thank you on the wedding day, there are many beautiful gifts. Whether traditional wedding almonds, sophisticated table cards or atmospheric soap bubbles – many gifts are pretty memorabilia and an important element of the table decoration at the same time.

Personal chocolate greeting from M & M’s

What a sugar sweet gesture from the bride and groom: So that the wedding guests in between can satisfy the small chocolate hunger, these packages come as called! The M & M’s in desired colors can be provided, for example, with the two first names or initalia, a photo or a drawing. Simply put them in a box, such as hearts, sachets or cases and you’re done!

Crane luck with hanger

Small, hand-folded cranes made of Italian paper should remind guests of the wonderful and romantic moments of the wedding.

Practical, that you can hang the dainty charms everywhere. Your guests will enjoy the many happy memories for a long time to come.

Bubbles of champagne

Wine, sparkling wine, champagne – at a wedding celebration, not only once the bride and groom get started. For all guests who would like to put the next glass down once, this champagne glass is the perfect alternative.

There is no alcohol, but soapy water and a blowing ring are in the glass. Blowing and blowing bubbles – if that is not romantic.

Miniature chair

So that nothing happens at the wedding with the seats, it makes sense to create a seating plan in advance. If a party favor helps to keep things organized at the table, so much the better.

Miniature chairs are ideal for this purpose. These not only fulfill their role as place cards, but can also be filled with small treats for the guests, such as wedding almonds.

Gift bag with photo print

A very personal gift: This paper bag can be printed with a photo including the desired text of the bride and groom. Incidentally, the picture is processed professionally and receives a warm brown tone.

Incidentally, the white paper bag is perfect for filling with wedding almonds, sweets or other treats for the guests.

Book of Memories

This photo album is a very personal party favor. Whether professional pictures or your own snapshots: In this little book 24 photos have space.

It does not matter if only half of the album is filled. After all, so many pictures are shot at the wedding that every guest can supplement the book afterwards with their own snapshots. A great memory!

Wedding Bubbles Love

Soap bubbles instead of rice! When the bride and groom walk out of the church, the wedding guests blow out dazzling bubbles in the air, creating a dream setting. If that does not give great photos …

Wedding bubbles are also great as a small gift on the wedding table. Between coffee and cake they also provide a lot of fun.

Folding box

This box is not without reason the name ‘Sweet-Something’. In it you can hide many small treats such as chocolate croissants or wedding almonds. The carton comes in many colors and shapes. This ensures that every bride and groom will find a box that matches the table decoration.

Placecard holder heart tree

These small, heart-shaped trees look not only beautiful on the wedding table, but also fulfill a practical purpose: you can pin there name cards. Every guest knows where he sits.

As a reminder, the wedding guests can take this small evergreen tree home and put it up there.

Tealight glass

A customizable tealight  is a great gift that creates a great atmosphere. Whether at the wedding table or after the wedding at the guests’ home – light a candle and enjoy the atmospheric light.

Here you will find plenty of useful useful tips on wedding planning.