Fans for weddings express elegance

They are an elegant detail especially for the summer wedding, which can be used in many ways. A delicate bridal fan made of precious lace is a beautiful accessory for the bride. The fan for the wedding can be worn on a noose over the wrist and is available if the bride wants to get some cooling during the ceremony or at the party. Hardly any other accessory radiates so much femininity as a petite fan. Such a detail makes a significant contribution to the fairy-tale appearance of the bride and also proves to be a romantic detail in the wedding photos.

Use a fan for the wedding decoration

With large compartments you can also wonderfully decorate at the wedding. You can tinker paper fans yourself and paint them in beautiful motifs in the colors of the wedding. The partitions can be used for the following decoration purposes:

– wall decoration
table decoration
– decoration in the open air

The compartments blend beautifully with other design elements such as flowers, balloons or pom poms, adding to the unique decoration that will delight guests.

Fans as favors

If you get married in the summer, you can expect warm weather and a bit of cooling will do all guests well. For this reason, fan wedding at summer weddings are also very popular as favors. From retro look to the modern fan in full color you can choose from a large variety of models. You can also personalize subjects for wedding wonderful. The subjects can be either individually or uniformly. There are different types of compartments, such as wooden compartments, tissue paper trays or very elegant fan-shaped cases. When choosing it depends entirely on your own taste but also on the budget, as this little thing could quickly become a major cost factor.

Equipped with the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding they are a wonderful memento of an unforgettable party. The compartments can be packed with a banderole and a gift card and should be served at the beginning of the wedding, so they can be used right away. For example, you can ask a helper to present each guest with a fan at the church door. If you do not find a helper or you just want to do something different you can put the subjects individually on the courts of the guests, or quite simple but elegant in a small basket to match the subjects. The basket then best visible in front of the entrance and the joy on the faces of the guests with-look.

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