Fancy Wedding Gifts for bride and groom

The closer the big day approaches, the bigger the excitement of the wedding couple. Wedding lists, invitations, meals, entertainment, bachelor party and honeymoon, everything has to be taken care of. It was so easy to imagine, but then new things keep coming up that need to be taken care of. Not to lose sight of the bride and groom during all the stress, the couple first concentrates on the most important thing: on each other. Here are a few ideas for unusual wedding gifts to sweeten the heart of his wedding.

Fancy wedding gifts ???

No fear! Women are neither complicated nor overly demanding. 🙂 The ideal gift only has to be romantic, personal, noble, valuable and extraordinary. Tip: Humor is the key.

– Every woman is happy about personal jewelry, such as a baptismal bracelet or a medallion with a picture.

– Verses, quotes or poems are a first-rate choice. A graphic or a poster is just as beautiful as an engraved or printed declaration of love. Of course, the groom has to know for himself what kind of object is in question.

– For example, in the case of a “map of the heart”, the place where you meet or meet for the first time is transferred to a map and provided with the couple’s name and date.

– Also a bathrobe, a kimono of exquisite fabric, noble underwear or pajamas are popular.

– A voucher for a recovery period in a spa / wellness hotel is the ultimate for the stressed bride.

Wedding gifts for the dream prince

The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach. Exciting gifts from the food and drink category solidify love reliably. And yes, it is true! In every man is a sweet little rascal, who would love to play all day long. Why should one wait for the offspring, if one can already have exciting toys?

– a personalized board game like chess, four wins or “husband, do not fret!”

– A token set redeemable with prizes engraved like “Cuddle Once”, “No Drama Out” and “Extra Massage”

– a cool Lego design kit from the special series for adults, also on Playmobil there is a matching wedding couple with a car.

– a wine box for three or more bottles intended for different occasions, for example “a bottle of wine for a cozy evening for two” or “a wine to toast to the common offspring” or “the bottle of wine for the first marriage clash” ,

– a personalized grill for the little fire devil and his friends, to whom he can specify.

Fancy wedding gifts for the newlyweds

Unusual gifts: giving something personal is often difficult. For the wedding guests in any case, because usually one knows only one partner well and the other less. But the wedding gift should be addressed to both the bride and the groom. Gifts made by yourself are often even nicer. It remains for the bride and groom a unique keepsake. There are many great things to give away and most of the time the special gifts do not even cost that much money.

Packing money nicely

If you decide to donate money, consider how to package the money. Because often a white envelope is boring. Imagine that the money is not immediately visible. This makes it more exciting. You can, for example, fold the money yourself. But you can also buy a treasure chest and put the money there and make it creative. In the treasure chest you can also complete your own wedding wishes. You can then use the wooden box, e.g. fill with decorograms and place the bills and wedding wishes in it. If the wooden box looks too boring, decorate it to your liking. Done is your fancy personal money gift. The bride and groom will be happy about it.

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