What you need to consider when getting engaged

Before the wedding day or preparations for the big day begin, the engagement is the first step towards marriage. In the past, it was common for the men to take over the questioning part of the wedding proposal. Today you can also see women who ask themselves the important question and usher in the covenant for life. However, an engagement is much more than the courage to declare love. Here we offer you checklists, tips and inspiration so that the most beautiful day becomes something very special. You don’t want to go on an adventure ignorant.

A beautiful declaration of love – the engagement

With the marriage proposal and the simultaneous engagement, your relationship is raised to a new level. After spending some time as a couple, you have now decided to go the way for two with a legal basis. They want to become married couples before the law and have a common name. But before the fiancée gets married, they have an exciting time ahead, which begins with an engagement.

The day of the marriage proposal must be carefully prepared

As a sign of new solidarity, attaching an engagement ring to the finger of the loved one became common. The ring for the wedding proposal does not necessarily have to be expensive or be set with a diamond. The gesture surrounding the engagement is usually sufficient.

There are no limits to your ideas for an unforgettable declaration of love. The marriage proposal can either be carried out classically in intimate togetherness or you can of course also make an event out of the marriage proposal. You need three ingredients to keep this day in mind:

  1. An engagement ring that you put on after the marriage proposal
  2. A place that creates a romantic atmosphere and will be remembered forever
  3. An idea or inspiration that will simply be unforgettable

You can let your imagination run wild with the ideas for a successful engagement proposal, because the possibilities are endless. There is no harm in taking a look at the different types of engagements. It is possible to apply for an engagement in a luxurious setting. Or a romantic picnic in nature.

Wedding proposal with charm:

– picnic in the green
– engagement in the moonlight
– relaxed marriage proposal on the beach
– declaration of love by the fireplace
– spontaneous application with the extra kick surprise
– marriage proposal in the restaurant

If you have now found the perfect place for your marriage proposal, it is time to think about the wider framework. Songs play a particularly important role. Most of the marriage proposals include some classics. No matter whether German-speaking or English engagement songs – there is a wide range of songs. Choose the song carefully. Songs with a sad or tragic background are unsuitable for engagement as well as marriage. Soundtracks from Disney films, which like to use romantic songs to let their protagonists find each other, are very suitable.

The engagement ring / Here you will find all the necessary information

Now it comes to the important part. If you have now found the place and a suitable song, you can now go to the jeweler. The matching ring must now be selected and bought in order to put it on the finger of the loved one and to be officially considered engaged.

The engagement cattle must be expensive at least three months’ salary, but we are more accommodating with the price. Because the ring is chosen according to the appearance and not according to the price. Because what matters is personal value and the thought behind the engagement ring.

Tip: Please make sure to match the taste of the partner instead of looking at stones and diamonds. Because the engagement ring is a promise and a message as well as the symbol of a wedding proposal.

With our ideas and tips, every marriage proposal becomes a very special moment. The message of love is conveyed in a stylish or crazy way, the marriage proposal is conveyed in a special way and the wedding is tackled. The topics of the wedding proposal can also be considered when planning the wedding. An application on the beach becomes the basis of a beach wedding, an application before many engagements already shows in which direction the marriage will go. Therefore, the person making the application can already influence the subsequent wedding with his or her topics. But no matter how you carry out your engagement proposal: the focus should always be on the message of love. After all, you want to extend your relationship for a long and happy time.

The request

You should be aware of what an engagement request actually means. The question should come from the heart, because you want to marry the love of life. There should be no doubt about getting married. For this reason, you should never rush to submit the engagement application. The partner in question should also think about the answer instead of simply being carried away.

If the couple has now decided on a future together after applying for an engagement, you will find many tips and topics related to marriage here. This makes the application very special; everything you have always dreamed of will finally come true. Let yourself be inspired and surprise your loved one with the most beautiful declaration of love – the engagement!