The engagement ring has a long tradition

The ancient Greeks already used this sign of love and willingness to marry, which is visible to everyone else. In Central Europe, the wedding promise to be put on the finger became common in the course of the Middle Ages. Not only for romantic reasons, but sometimes simply for the purpose of confirming receipt of the dowry that the bride’s father had to provide.

Even today it is common in large parts of Asia to equip daughters with wedding assets. In India, for example, fathers blessed with female offspring sometimes have to take out large loans and pay back many years to find a willing groom.

What the engagement ring has to be able to do

So you have found your partner for life and want to prove to her that you are the only conceivable option for your future? Perfect! Now it’s just a matter of finding the exact ring that you can use to land on your application.

First and foremost, of course, it should fit the chosen one and be comfortable to wear. And the appreciation that Mann wants to express should of course be felt right away. But this has not only to do with the price of the good piece, but above all with empathy. And women expect that for life.

Below are a few points of orientation on what needs to be decided in principle.

The inevitable question of costs – finally at the jeweler

Anyone who now knows his loved one as well as his financial framework for the purchase of the engagement ring, but still has a lot to consider. Material, shape and comfort are the decisive criteria.

Gold, white gold and platinum are available to choose from, depending on the taste, but also the type of skin and hair of the bride. The ring shapes themselves, which extend from the solitaire to the so-called tension ring to flat, round or rounded versions of the ring band, also offer not insignificant variants. The jeweler of your choice knows how much this affects the wearing comfort. But a look at the rings and jewelry already in the possession of your future bride is guaranteed to help make the right choice. And with the choice of an individually fitting engagement ring, you want to qualify for the “Champions League” of all forms of partnership …

An engagement ring seals the marriage vows

If a couple has decided to take the path of life together, an engagement is still often made to celebrate the decision. It is customary for the man to hold the woman’s hand and to give her an engagement ring to show his love. From classic traditional to minimalist and modern, there is a huge selection of engagement rings, from which it is often difficult to choose. Good advice can often be difficult, especially if you want to surprise your loved one with such a ring.

Find the perfect engagement ring

When choosing the engagement ring, you should be guided by the bride’s remaining jewelry. If you look at other pieces of jewelry, you get a feel for what material and style she prefers. Engagement rings are usually adorned with a diamond and are available in the following materials:

– yellow gold
– white gold
– rose gold
– platinum

When buying the diamond, it is important to pay attention to cut, clarity, color and carat. Of course, these also determine the price of the ring. There are hardly any limits to the top. Even before you visit the jeweler, you should set a budget that you have available for the engagement ring. So you can look at the rings in question.

Engagement ring shapes

Different cuts are possible for the engagement ring. You can choose the classic cuts, such as the brilliant cut, princess or teardrop shape. However, today there are also numerous modern forms that have become more popular, such as the heart shape. In addition to the classic solitaire rings, wider bands in which the diamond is embedded are also popular today. The diamond is better protected in such rings and they can also be worn comfortably at work and during sports.