Dragees for the wedding – sweets with meaning

At the wedding, it is customary to serve the guests sweets in any form. Many brides today opt for a cake buffet, on the cake in addition to chocolate and various dragees are offered, so that guests can serve to their heart’s content. To the dragees, which are particularly gladly offered at the wedding, belong the wedding almonds. These are almonds coated with a hard icing like a dragee. In addition, coated with chocolate dragees are always popular. In addition to round or almond-shaped dragees you can find the sweets in heart shape and can add a special meaning.

The meaning of wedding almonds

If one decides on the choice of wedding dragees for almonds, then one should be aware of the special meaning of these wedding almonds. The almonds are symbolic of marriage and of life par excellence. The slightly bitter interior and the sweet shell of the wedding almond represent the sweet and bitter moments of life. The custom of wedding almonds has been known since the time of the Sun King Louis XIV. Even then, the sweet almonds were a coveted wedding gift for the wedding guests.

Dragees to wedding as a favor

At weddings, it is customary to hand over a small present to the guests. Dragees are perfect for this. If you opt for wedding almonds, they are usually presented in a pretty package with five pieces. They symbolize five good wishes for the bride and groom:

– luck
– health
– prosperity
– fertility
– long life

Not every wedding guest is familiar with this ancient wedding custom. If you decide to treat sweets as a gift, it is advisable to attach a small card with a statement to the gift. So all guests appreciate the gift and its meaning.

Everyone has something sweet and fine. On such a happy day sweets like dragees should not be missing. A nice wedding party with delicious food and sweet sins. Spoil your guests to the max and offer you many different dragees in different colors. Especially children will be happy about it.

DIY – Dragees

The ingredients you need for your own dragees:

– fruit juice of your choice
– sugar
– finished gelatin
– silicone mold

The sugar is mixed with the fruit juice. This mixture is then heated. Now the finished gelatin is mixed with the fruit juice. Wait a few minutes and then pour this mixture into the silicone mold. Put the mold in the refrigerator for one hour. Afterwards, you can enjoy your selfmade dragees together with your wedding guests.

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