Doves for the wedding – a nice custom

Many customs accompany the wedding celebration, which should bring good luck to the young couple and of course also contribute to the entertainment of the guests. One such custom is the flying of pigeons to the wedding, which is often organized to greet the bride and groom when the bride and groom leave the church. Since the scattering of rose petals and confetti is prohibited in many places today, the pigeons at the wedding offer a wonderful way to receive the newlywed couple properly. The pigeons are symbols of love, loyalty and happiness and give the young couple a good omen on the way.

Dove Wedding – How to Organize flying pigeons

If you want to fly doves for the wedding, you should note a few points to guarantee a perfect process:

– find a reliable provider
– contact us by phone or email
– obtain precise information about the pigeon flight
– put value on written confirmation
– confirm again shortly before the wedding

You should also be prepared for the fact that the deaf cannot fly in certain weather conditions. You should inform yourself about this in advance and possibly have an alternative plan on hand if the pigeons cannot ascend on that day.

Symbolic character of the doves

The white doves are particularly symbolic. Once a pair of pigeons has found each other, they stay together until the end of their life. That is why a pair of pigeons or a whole flock of pigeons is happy to be let up at the wedding. As a rule, the breeders deliver the pigeons in a basket. The bride and groom are brought up to the basket and then open it together. When the pigeons rise, a wonderfully romantic picture is created, which also offers wonderful opportunities for extraordinary wedding photos. The pigeons are often organized by a groomsman as a gift for the newlyweds and are a wonderful surprise for them, which one will remember for a long time.

Romantic gesture with doves

Pigeons have a special symbolic character in the Christian faith. They stand for love, loyalty, happiness and of course for peace and are the perfect messengers of happiness at a wedding party. Pigeons are loyal animals that bind themselves to their partner for a lifetime and for this reason, pigeon weddings are popular. If you don’t want to miss these good luck charms at your own wedding, you can rent white pigeons wedding, which will be made available for the wedding.

Where can you find white doves

If you decide to let white pigeons fly at the wedding, the question naturally arises where you can get the pigeons. Who has hired a wedding planner can easily solve the problem. However, if you arrange your wedding yourself, it is worthwhile to research on the Internet whether such a service is available near your home. A reputable provider can be recognized by the following aspects:

– provider should have legitimation
– use exclusively from homing doves
– doves are ringed

If you choose a provider for white pigeon wedding in this way, you can be sure that the well-being of the birds is taken care of and can be used without hesitation for the wedding.

A beautiful tradition adequately presented

Anyone planning to fly pigeons at the wedding should discuss in advance with the pigeon fancier how this event should take place. An exact time should be determined and also determined at which point the pigeons should fly. This also gives the guests the opportunity to observe this process and take souvenir photos of the newlyweds and the flying pigeons. It should also be borne in mind that the pigeons may not be able to fly when it rains. Therefore, you should also think of an alternative activity, such as rising balloons filled with helium.